How are dogs trained to speed up

“The dog needs to start with physical training. After three months, the dog can strengthen its physical strength by going out for physical exercise. Then, the dog can increase its running skills by crossing obstacles and running and jumping training.”

Many friends for the dog how to train rapid acceleration, are not very understand, after all, the training of dogs should be carried out according to scientific methods, so as to play a good effect. Here is a way to train your speed. Let’s take a look.

1.Physical training

How are dogs trained to speed up? First of all, it should be noted that training rapid acceleration is not directly to start training speed, but should focus on physical training, because the basis of any exercise is physical strength, if there is no good physical strength, how can there be enough physical strength to enhance explosive power? Physical training should start after the dog is three months old, which is also the golden period of training. In this aspect, you can take the dog out to run and exercise, keep running and jogging for a long time every day, which can exercise the dog’s physical strength.

2. Running skills training

When physical training into formal, you can start some training of running skills, such as running across obstacles, jumping and so on, can improve running skills, for the subsequent mastery of rapid acceleration skills has a great help. It IS BEST TO START TRAINING WHEN THE PUPPY IS more than HALF a year old, and EACH training SHOULD not EXCEED 30 minutes or more, otherwise it is easy to cause the dog to appear training fear symptoms. After the dog is one year old, the training intensity can be increased appropriately, one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon, and no more than two hours a day.

3. Sprint training

To exercise rapid acceleration skills, you can let the owner ride a bicycle or a motorcycle, and then take the dog to run slowly, and then slowly accelerate the way, let the dog follow, after repeated practice can greatly increase the dog’s rapid acceleration ability. At the later stage, it can also increase the dog’s interest in the prey, arrange the prey to induce the dog to chase and run, and then accelerate the speed gradually, which can well increase its rapid acceleration ability. Pay ATTENTION TO THE TRAINING process, to ensure that the food supply at all times, but also supplement calcium tablets, to avoid the dog’s calcium deficiency.

So that’s how dogs are trained to accelerate. Have you learned? In fact, as long as the repeated training, the dog’s rapid acceleration ability can be greatly improved, training acceleration ability is not a phase is over, need to combine running skills and physical training, in order to achieve good results.

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