How to train smaller than bear bile

Courage small than the bear dog can be trained to improve the nerve, strengthen dogs of contact with the outside world, to see different people and dogs, gradually improve the social skills than the bear dog, bring it to go out for a walk after three months, in the outdoors, familiar with the unfamiliar places, strange voice, more interaction with other pet dog, nature can improve the guts.

Friends who have raised bichun dogs know that they are not afraid of anything at home and are very naughty and active, but as long as they go out, they immediately become a coward and do not dare to interact with other dogs. This also makes many parents feel very worried and do not know what to do. In fact, at this time, it is still necessary to give the bear some training, to effectively exercise its courage. So, how to train better than bear bile? Here are some training methods to share with you. Let’s take a look.

1. Increase exposure to the outside world

How to train better than bear gall son small? Actually, want to let dogs than bear no longer timid, even out of the door also dare to interact with the other dogs, so parents in daily life, should be the proper guidance and cultivation, at the same time, strengthen the contact to the outside world than the bear dog, how to interact with the other dogs and strangers, increase a dog’s knowledge, to make it adapt to the process, as long as much to contact later, Naturally, it will improve the courage of the Bichon Frise and make him not a timid dog.

2. Go for a walk

Parents can be in three months later than the bear dog began to develop, it is best to bring it out again in later vaccinated training, this time the parents took than bear dog go out to walk for a walk, take it out and see the world outside, playing around in the outdoor, in the process by making contact with different people and things, than the bear dog can eliminate the strangeness of dog to the outside world, Thus gradually familiar with different strange occasions, strange voices and so on. Familiarizing yourself with the outdoors is the first step to improving your Bichon Frise’s courage.

3. Outdoor parties

When than bear dogs gradually grow up, can consider bringing in half over the age of age than bear dogs take up some outdoor sports, such as when the holiday free running took the dog to the outdoor lawn, also can invite some dog friends dinner together activities, let more than bear dogs with other dogs communicate with each other, through the accumulation of social experience, can let the dog dog gradually familiar with the unfamiliar environment, Naturally, it will improve the courage of the bichon Frise.

The above is about how to train smaller than bear bile, have you learned? In fact, as long as you take Bichon Frise out for training, see different people and the same kind, and slowly adapt to it, you can naturally improve your courage.

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