Husky, native to Siberia, AKC classification belongs to the working dog group. The Siberian Husky is a dog breed bred by the Inutchokzhi tribe, a nomadic people of East Siberia, and has long been used to pull sleds. Guide the reindeer and guard work. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was brought to the United States by fur traders. For many years, it has become a world-famous sled racing champion dog.

Husky morphological characteristics

The Siberian Husky is a primitive and ancient dog breed. It is called the current husky because of its unique hoarse cry. A long time ago, the huskies were the most primitive means of transportation, and they used this dog to hunt and raise reindeer, or breed this dog, and then take it out of the frozen ground where they live in exchange for food and clothing. Typical wolf dog.
Morphological characteristics
The Siberian Husky has thicker hair than most dog breeds. There are many kinds of colors and patterns of their hair. Usually they have white claws and limbs, facial patterns and sharper tails. The most common coat colors are black and white, gray and white, and copper-red. White and pure white, many individuals also have brown, reddish hair, gray-brown shades or variegated spots. It is also common to have various patterns on the face similar to masks and glasses. Despite their smaller size and softer hair, the Siberian Husky has an appearance similar to that of wolves because their genes are the closest to the original ancestors of other types of dogs.
The eye color of the Siberian Husky is usually brown, light brown or blue. Light blue wink is a common wink, but there are exceptions. A dog may have one eye that is brown or light brown while the other is blue. This phenomenon is called “bi-eyed”; Or the iris of one eye is blue and the iris of the other eye is variegated, that is, heterochromia iris, which is called “parti-eyed” by lovers of Siberian Husky. Among the dog breeds that are generally kept by people, the Siberian Husky is one of the rare dog breeds whose eyes can have different colors. At the same time, it is also one of the few dog breeds whose eyes are generally blue.
ears and tail
Its ears are triangular, densely hairy, medium-sized, and generally erect; the tail is like a brush, resembling a fox’s tail, usually in the shape of an upward sickle.
The hair of the Siberian Husky consists of two layers: a thick, cashmere-like lower coat and a long, coarser upper coat containing short, guard hair. They only shed their lower layer of hair once a year. This process of shedding old hair is usually called blowing their coat. Dogs that mainly live indoors generally do not shed their hair completely once throughout the year, so they do not shed a lot. In addition, they do not need to brush their hair frequently; since soiled hair will come off naturally, bathing is usually not necessary. In addition, this kind of dog will often clean its own hair carefully like a cat. A healthy Siberian Husky has no body odor. Their ears are very soft and they have a good hearing.
Like all dogs, the nose of the Siberian Husky is usually cold and damp. In some cases, the Siberian Husky can exhibit the so-called’snow nose’ or’winter nose’ phenomenon. This phenomenon is academically called “hypopigmentation”, and it is caused by the lack of sunlight in winter, which causes the nose (or part of it) to fade to brown or pink. It will return to normal when summer arrives. Snow nose is also present in other short-haired species; this color change in elderly dogs may be permanent, although it is not linked to disease.
Smooth and smooth, with brisk and effortless steps. It should not be stretched too tightly during the competition. It should be run at a fast speed to demonstrate the good stretchability of the forelimbs and the strong driving force of the hindlimbs. Looking from the front to the back when traveling, it is not a single exercise. As the speed increases, the legs gradually stretch forward until all the toes fall on the longitudinal center axis of the body. When the footprints are concentrated on a line, the front and back legs are straight. Extend the ground forward, without valgus or varus at the elbows and knees, while keeping the topline tense and level.

Husky characteristics

Husky has a handsome appearance, exquisite features and rich body language are full of peculiar expressions, and he can easily understand his emotions without complicated conversation. Huskies are often a little nervous.
Xiaoha is a bit neurotic, especially the mother. Always inexplicably do some things that you collapse, such as walking on the road and suddenly gnawing on the grass and then starting to run wildly, running around the house and then starting to spin around and so on. You have to be fully prepared to think that it is normal to get nerves.
a spoiler
Anything in the house, it will carefully check for you N times to determine the hardness of your purchased items. This level of seriousness has reached the point where a friend of mine will buy a washbasin a day. It not only tested your purchasing power, but also tested your financial ability.
Extremely free and undisciplined
As soon as he leaves the house, Xiaoha runs away from your sight like being abused by you for a long time, and the probability of being recalled is generally less than 30%. I remember a friend analyzed with me and said that it was a four-legged Xiaoha who always thought that two-legged parents could catch up with it…Anyway, it is recommended that all users who raise Xiaoha should take care of it. If you don’t have a full grasp of it not to run, don’t loose the rope. It is a dream to want a long, wolf-like little Hart to follow him for a walk obediently instead of running around.
Special intestines
Xiaoha has diarrhea too easily, drinking too much water after a meal, diarrhea, eating too oily diarrhea, used to eating dog food suddenly gave him a bun and diarrhea, anyway, it is easy to have diarrhea.
It always has to play, run, and jump. Tortured you are tired and want to jump off the building. It still comes over with the ball and salivas you. Even before you wake up and open your eyes, jump into bed to torture you with reasons to play with you.
Extremely enthusiastic
Xiaoha is passionate about you, and the same passion for other people. Perhaps the enthusiasm for others is crazier than the enthusiasm for you.
Ignore your existence
When you go outside, no matter how you call it, it will walk around on its own, anyway, ignoring you is ignoring you.
don’t like barking
Huskies rarely bark. They only make a wolf howling sound under some special circumstances. Although this sound sounds a bit creepy at night, it is suitable for its wolf-like appearance. There may be many People will be proud of it. In most cases, huskies hardly make a sound, and many dog ​​owners even suspect that they have a dumb dog
clever and clever
Husky is curious and energetic. It is a very clever dog. In the past, it was used to pull sledges in the vast white snow and guide people in the snow.

Husky maintenance knowledge

Although Huskies look cold and ruthless, in fact, Huskies are very friendly, gentle and warm to people. Like to socialize with people is the typical character of Husky. Usually they do not show strong territorial possessiveness of guard dogs, do not have too much suspicion of strangers, and will not attack other dogs. So many people like huskies. He is very loyal to his owner. It is very important for a loyal puppy to have a healthy body.
Conservation knowledge
How to lose weight
If the domestic pet dog is too obese, it will not only lose its beauty. It will also make the dog lazy and unable to perform its duties, so you should pay attention to weight loss in time.
A general dog whose body weight exceeds the standard body weight of the dog breed by more than 10% is considered too obese. The reason is mostly strong intestines and stomach, eating too much starchy food and fat.
The main ways to lose weight are:
1. Less starch and fat foods in dog diets should reduce the content of starch and fat foods, and increase fish soup, internal soup and vegetable foods.
2. Put an end to snacks. Dogs like to ask their owners for food. Therefore, sweets and candy snacks should be stopped.
3. To prevent constipation, the dog food can be appropriately increased-some fiber-containing vegetables and carbohydrate foods containing more fatty acid can make the intestines laxative.
In the process of weight loss, there should be a gradual transition. The calories should not be suddenly and greatly reduced, but only one meal is reduced.
How to control the amount of huskies
The food intake of dogs is a big problem. If you eat too much, you will get fat; if you eat less, you will get malnourished. Therefore, it is very important to control the food intake of the huskies. The editor will introduce the food intake of dogs in different states in detail.
First of all, the dog should pay attention to one point, not to feed the huskies with leftovers. Many people think that what people eat is very nutritious, or they are afraid of wasting or saving time, so they feed their dogs with leftovers. However, the leftovers are often mixed with sharp fishbone or bones, which can cause oral injury to the huskies, and infections in severe cases. So for the safety of your huskies, first don’t be lazy and feed them with leftovers.
Secondly, the food fed to the huskies, whether it is animal food, grain food, or vegetables, should be washed and heated to prevent Xiaoha from being poisoned. Especially in summer, food is more prone to spoilage.
1. Infant dogs: It is very crazy for puppies to eat during the growth period. If the feeding amount is not properly controlled, the dog can easily support it, so it is necessary to control the dog’s food intake at this time. But I have to say that if the dog is under-feeding blindly, it will cause malnutrition. The best way is to refer to the reference feeding amount on the dog food bag for different weights and different growth periods. Usually, the big brand dog food bags will Have.
2. Older dogs: Firstly, old dogs have poor digestion ability, and secondly, many diseases of the elderly will worsen because of too much protein in the food. But fortunately, the appetite of dogs will decrease when they enter old age, so it doesn’t seem to be particularly difficult for old dogs to control their food intake.
3. Obese dogs: Some dog breeds are naturally prone to gain weight, such as Pug, Bullfighting, Jingba, etc., so they should pay more attention to their appetite when feeding than other huskies.
4. Sterilized huskies: neutered dogs are easy to gain weight and have a good appetite. In order to reduce other diseases caused by obesity, we must give the dogs to the dogs after the neutering surgery wounds have recovered. Limit appetite.
Sometimes it’s really difficult to control a dog’s food. Usually we can’t stand the look the dog looks forward to, but feeding the dog greedy has one advantage. If you want it to eat less, give it a pure dog. The food becomes.
Feeding precautions
First, there should be proper exercise every day. You can’t just do it casually by the will of the little husky, sometimes several times a day, and sometimes exercise once a few days. Before traction exercises outdoors, they should be allowed to move freely for a few minutes to defecate. During exercise, they should maintain the correct walking posture, keep a proper distance from the owner, and correct the front or back, or left or right walking habits.
Second, when a dog is young, we should give more care to the dog, and the other is that the puppy is developing, and the dog should be allowed to eat some nutritious food. Here, I recommend everyone Give your dog Maidun dog food to improve the dog’s hair and tear marks, especially to enhance the dog’s bone development!
Third, you should always change the route of exercise. Don’t just follow the same fixed route every day. During exercise, you should prevent it from sniffing the feces or other objects left by other Xiaoha, let alone contact with Xiaoha. Don’t put Xiao Ha in places where people or other Xiao Ha gather to prevent infection of certain diseases.
Fourth, in our lives, try not to let the dog blow on the air conditioner. This will cause the dog to diarrhea and get air conditioner disease, so parents must pay attention to this aspect.
Fifth, vaccinate the huskies on time every year and deworm them inside and outside regularly. When the huskies are in heat, if you don’t want to be a “grandpa” or “grandma” soon, you should focus on taking care of her during the heat, or take the huskies to pets. The hospital performs sterilization.

Husky feeding points

Husky has a sensitive stomach, so the owner needs to pay more attention to his diet. Improper feeding can easily cause diarrhea. Even clean and healthy food may cause him to have diarrhea. So what should I pay attention to when feeding huskies?
Feeding points
Food suitable for husky puppies
1. Food for puppies: such as special dog food and canned food for puppies.
2. Calcium: supplements calcium products with high natural content, like super calcium, to promote the development of puppies’ bones and teeth.
3. Milk powder for puppies: There are special puppies and goat milk powder.
4. Egg yolk: The advantage of egg yolk is that it is not only rich in protein, but also easy to digest and absorb vitamin A, calcium, and minerals.
5. Vitamins and minerals: For puppies with poor physical fitness, consider supplementing some extra vitamins and minerals. You can consider feeding 21 Jinvita, and there are also pet-specific puppies Jinvita.
6. ​​Meat: Although cows, pigs, chicken, etc. are excellent foods, when feeding puppies, it is advisable to choose the fat-free part, because the fat is easy to deteriorate. But feed cooked meat, not raw meat! Note: It is best not to overfeed puppies with meat before 4 months.
feeding utensils
The thick ceramic bowl is generally not easy to be broken by the dog as a food bowl. If you cook meat for dogs, you can use a long-handled pot with a lid, but from a hygienic point of view, it is best to separate the utensils for cooking dog food from the other utensils in your kitchen. Of course, after each meal, be sure to wash all the bowls and utensils, and cover the leftover canned food with a plastic lid for storage. Just like people, it can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three days, and then you should throw it away if you can’t finish it, because the food has produced a lot of invisible bacteria.
Raise correctly
The ingredients in dog milk are different from those in milk. The ingredients in milk are fat, lactose and protein. Although the ingredients in dog milk are also these, the relative content of the ingredients in milk is much lower than that in dog milk. Small dogs cannot fully absorb the ingredients in milk, and the gastrointestinal absorption is not very good, which may cause diarrhea and vomiting.
When the huskies don’t need to drink dog milk anymore, they can eat the dog food designed for dogs when they are completely weaned. Dog food usually contains the nutrition that the dog needs. If you want to strengthen the nutrition for the dog, You can add some vegetables and fruits to your dog to eat, so that the nutrition will definitely be balanced. Onions, garlic, dried shrimps and some pickled foods must not be eaten by dogs. Eating such things will harm them. Try not to give your dog something that humans eat. Human gastrointestinal absorption is completely different from that of dogs. If dogs eat indiscriminately, it is likely to cause some harm to the body. If you love your little pet, please Be sure to arrange your diet reasonably with reference to a healthy diet table.

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