This article takes you to know what kind of dog is the best to keep and obey?

“When we have a pet dog, we all want to have a good and obedient pet dog, such as teddy, golden retriever, border collie and so on… These are well-behaved, well-behaved dogs. They are gentle, intelligent and perfect for young children and elderly people.”

Home keep a pet dog should be can wise men and the affection between pet and pet dogs, although not speak, but they are able to use their most ardent affection to warm our hearts, in life, although they are kept as a pet to accompany in our side, but more like a family and we get along in a big family, So now there are more and more people who keep pet dogs, but for so many breeds of pet dogs, we want to know what dog is best kept and obedient when we choose to feed pet dogs, so today we will take you to understand what dog is best kept and obedient for this problem.

1. Teddy dogs

When it comes to what dog is the best to keep and obedient, first of all, I would like to recommend teddy dog. Teddy dog, as a small dog, not only has a very lovely furry appearance, but also attracts many children. They are also one of the most intelligent dogs in the small dog population, and can easily read the eyes and gestures of their owners.

2. Golden retriever

Golden retriever, also known as golden retriever, can be said to be the warmest dog in the pet world, and Big Warm Man is no exception. We can often see touching videos about golden retriever in short video App, so when it comes to what is the best dog to keep and listen to, golden retriever is also a good choice.

3. Border Collies

Border collies in life is what we call the border, the border of the intelligence quotient (IQ) is arguably the most clever dog a, because it contains sheep edge priest lineage of skills, so if you have any children in the home, they are very willing to help us to look after the children, more suitable for people with children to feed in the home, also is a good and obedient pet dogs.

The teddy dog, golden retriever and border collie mentioned above are the answers I have collected for you about what dogs are the best to keep and obedient. These three dogs are not only smart, but also very docile. Do you like these three kinds of pet dogs? If you want to have a good and obedient dog, you can choose between the three breeds of dogs, and hopefully everyone will have a pet dog of their own.

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