What if you don’t want a dog? How many ways?

“Generally we have a dog since childhood, it is easy to have feelings, but if there are some changes in the family do not want to keep a dog how to deal with? We can give it to our friends, sell it to others, or send it to a pet store. Don’t just throw it away, or it may be like a stray dog we usually see, which is very poor. After all, we have to be responsible for it.”

Now most people living in the city will give a dog to accompany them, because their parents and friends are in their hometown, they may only know their colleagues in this strange city, they will stay at home on weekends, very lonely, if you have a pet dog, you can take it out to play and exercise your body. But most people keep dogs are to see the dog dog cute or friend complimentary, may after raises the dog found that there are a lot of trouble, such as selection of dog food, dealing with its urine etc, because don’t want to have some at home with children or pregnant women that don’t want to have, so we don’t want to how to deal with the dog? How many ways?

  1. Give it to a friend or sell it to someone else

When we can no longer continue to keep it due to some reasons, we can send to friends, especially the kind of person who love the dog, can send information to see the people around in a circle of friends have just want to keep, if someone must have told him dogs living habits and health status, so dogs can quickly adapt to the new owner, another is if it is a pet dog, We usually buy them from kennels and spend a certain amount of money. We can also sell them to other people. Of course, the price is not important, the most important thing is to treat the dog well.

  1. Pet store delivery

This is in our house has just pregnant pregnant or have a newborn baby home can choose this way, because the first three of pregnancy is unstable and the baby just born when the resistance is very weak, easy to get sick, if this time the dog dog go out to play or vaccine dozen of not in time, it is easy to bring home the bacteria, it is living together with us, Therefore, for the sake of safety, we can first send the dog to the pet shop to foster for a period of time, and then take the dog back when it is stable. Of course, if the dog is sent to the pet shop to foster, there will be a certain cost.

The above are some answers to the problem of how to deal with if you don’t want to keep a dog. If there is no special reason, it is suggested that you should keep your dog around, so as to cultivate the relationship between us.

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