What is the right size for a dog training ball? How to train a dog to fetch a ball?

“We can often see a lot of dogs in training, to pick up the ball owners will give them to prepare a training goals, the training goals we see on the market most of them are 5 cm to 7.2 cm, but for different size dog, they use the size of the training goal is different, if is small dogs, So we have to give them small training balls, if it’s a big dog, we have to give them big training balls.”

We all see videos about dogs in our lives or on TV, such as training videos or playing with dogs. Dogs in training or playing with dogs, there is always such things as training goal, the training goal is to set the dog on a can use mouth bit ball, then according to different size of the dog dog, suitable for their training ball size is different, after all, big dogs and small dogs mouth size is different, If the training goals for small dogs too big, they are ready, if prepared is too small for large dogs training goals, then they are likely to appear the phenomenon of ingestion, so choose a suitable size for my dogs training ball is one of the more important things, maybe you do not know dogs with training ball size appropriate, fast after reading this article.

1.What is the right size for a dog training ball

What is the right size for a dog training ball? At the time of training for the dogs to choose the ball, we also want to choose according to their size, we usually seen on the market of dog training goals, size is usually around 5 cm to 7.2 cm, if training ball size has no specific value, will be divided into large, medium and small, if we are to small dogs exercise ball, So we only need to choose a small can be, if it is for medium and large dog training ball, then medium and large just right.

2.How to train a dog to fetch a ball

Some dogs to play with the ball is not interested, so if you want to train your dog to pick up the ball, then we can use them more like toys, or food instead of a ball, to cultivate their ability to pick up, after repeated training a few times, we put them like toys or snacks change into a ball, that is training the dog dog is a good way to pick up the ball.

When CHOOSING A TRAINING BALL FOR DOGS, WE MUST CHOOSE A SUITABLE SIZE FOR THEM. As for the size of the training ball for dogs, I believe that many shovel excrement officials know how to choose after reading this article.

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