How to train a dog to move forward and turn?

“We train them forward turned at first time, we do master must complete these to assist them, such as at the time of training them to go forward, we can put them at the end of the distance to love to eat the food, say “forward”, then with traction rope accompanied them on, they turned and can also be used in training food to attract the line of sight of them, Then say “turn around” and make them turn around the food.”

Training a dog for everyone here, shovel excrement officer is a difficult and spend a lot of time and energy, regardless of we train the dog to complete some more difficult task, but training dogs to go forward and turn these entry-level skills, also need to spend a period of time, for some new shovel excrement officers, Training dogs to turn and forward is really DIFFICULT, SO FOR those of you who don’t know how to train dogs to turn and forward, I have summarized the relevant content for you, I hope you can read this article and get help from it.

1.How are dogs trained to advance

How to train a dog to move forward and turn? We at the time of training a dog to go forward, we must first accompanied them to finish the content, we can advance preparation good dogs love to eat together was dried, then put in 10 meters from our position, and then say “forward”, and traction rope tied to the dog walked to food, at the time of training a dog to go forward, We can gradually reduce the amount of food we put there until there is none.

2.How to train a dog to turn

Dog turned forward how to training, say that finish after training a dog to go forward, we are speaking about training a dog turned, training the dog turned and train the dog to go forward in a similar way, is still need to take their love to eat food as bait, the dog dog in see their favorite food, the line of sight is basically not leave food, So this time we will be able to rely on food to complete the training, we can with one hand holding a food, say “turned”, and then turn around the dog, the dog will stare at this time in the hands of our food, and so repeatedly training a few days, the dog dog after familiar with this password, even if we don’t take food as bait, Give them this command and they will obediently circle.

This article about dog forward turned to how to training methods have told everyone, and one more thing to remind you is, if our dogs to cooperate with us to complete training, so we want to give them proper rewards, admire them, touch their head or is prepared snacks as a reward to them, receive the praise of dog training will be more to cooperate with us.

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