Why are dalmatians banned? Let me tell you

“When bitten by a dalmatian, it will not easily release its mouth, which is still relatively dangerous, and sometimes it will affect the safety of human life. In many cases, we can learn more about it, but we still need to be cautious in feeding this piece.”

In the current we have found that people around you have spotted dog is less and less, actually for dalmatians also is the barley at dogs, people often talk about this type of dog belongs to large dogs, such as when you during the period of breeding, you will see it damage ability is stronger, while some people are like, but, In the process of breeding will still be more dangerous, so, why the ban on dalmatians? Let me tell you.

1.Why are dalmatians banned

Everyone can know, should be spotted dog is not only the body length, height and its whole body muscle development are hungry, you can find that its speed is faster when run, itself in the hind legs, development is relatively good, therefore, in the process of running, the hind legs power also will be some bigger, in many cases, It also like the people directly, in this you can discover, it still has a beast, and it also has a relatively strong tear strength, is not only a bite some objects, in also can cause certain influence to the security of people, you can see, it’s dangerous coefficient is relatively high, is not only in our country, Dalmatians are also banned in many other countries.

2.Dalmatians are good to keep

Dalmatians in the feeding difficulty is bigger, dalmatians itself still belongs to compare the naughty type, when you during the period of breeding, of course still need to consider it in the exercise of this problem, but, when you if in the city for breeding, generally there is no place for its movement, the second is in the diet, Dalmatians in the nutrition demand is bigger, we need to prepare comprehensive nutrients in the feed, safeguard dalmatians in nutrition absorption of the more comprehensive, in many cases, we also considered the destruction of spotted dog, when there is no too much time with cases, actually still suggest that we don’t try to raise dalmatians, When you are not at home, the dalmatians are likely to carry out large-scale destruction at home, why the dalmatians are forbidden to keep, is it already feeling.

Why are dalmatians banned? In fact, the main reason for its ban is to consider the safety of people, which still needs to be paid attention to, and we can know more about this piece.

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