Caucasus and Tibetan mastiff in the large dog is more powerful is which one?

“The loyalty of large dogs has always been higher than small dogs, especially the typical representative is Caucasian and Tibetan mastiff two kinds of dogs, in fact, two kinds of dogs are fierce, running speed is also very fast, Tibetan mastiff temper is stronger than Caucasian, Caucasian tall four legs relatively long, so the speed of running is very fast.”

Said to the Caucasus and the Tibetan mastiff may everyone find love and to be afraid of again, they were in the dog soldiers, bite force is also very surprising, because raising it to power was very vain, so a lot of people also like to keep the two dogs, there are a lot of people in the Caucasus dogs (in detail) and the Tibetan mastiff did some comparison, let everybody know two large dogs who is more severe.

1.Caucasian size dog

Caucasian size is larger, his head is big, the muscles of the body is also very much, very powerful, bone is very tall, long long of the total to match a lot, because he has a very thick tail bottom is higher than the back, in about one meter tall and some Caucasus may less than one meter, but does not affect the image of him down a peg or two, The weight is about 100 jin or so.

Tibetan mastiff shape without the Caucasus is tall, but his muscles is also very rich, is different from the Caucasus, the Tibetan mastiff’s leg is thick, running is also very agile, and Tibetan mastiff than Caucasian many smart, and Tibetan mastiff is a big difference in the male and female, such as higher in male than female Tibetan mastiff Tibetan mastiff, height of male Tibetan mastiff Tibetan mastiff a few higher than female.

2.Tibetan mastiffs have strong personalities

In terms of temperament and personality, the two large dogs have a common feature that they are very sincere to their owners. Once their owners are threatened with life, they will rush to protect their owners regardless of personal danger.

Then the Caucasus itself is a large dog guarding the house, many factories like to keep this Caucasus, because it is very brave, especially at night, especially intelligent, but the character is very stubborn, it is best to train more when young, so that you can better guard the house for yourself will not hurt.

The Tibetan mastiff is dominating in character, temper is more swagger, is also more loyal to his master, and like to eat some meat food, because its fur is very thick, so I don’t like too hot place, especially in the summer when need to eat some cold food to cool it, otherwise will be more irritable, not suitable for breeding in the city, but it’s better insight, The brain is also more intelligent, can understand the master’s meaning, so in the training will be more quickly to understand the master’s ideas.

3.Both dogs are very brave

Two KINDS OF DOGS IN fighting capacity is no difference, are very brave, Caucasus in height is higher than the Tibetan mastiff, if you really want to compare the Tibetan MAStiff strength is much bigger than the Caucasus, in fact, if you can have more professional training, two kinds of dogs are equal in strength.


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