A lot of silver fox bites on the hand? Xiaobian teach you “lesson” it!

“Many people in the process of raising a silver fox, will be bitten by a silver fox, each bite is a challenge to the master, the master will not get sick, look at the day, in order to help you solve this unavoidable problem, Xiaobian to introduce several solutions, let the silver fox dare not bite you.”

First, to make the silver fox afraid of your fingers, there are shadows on your fingers:

Believe that a lot of friend after bitten by silver fox, just for fun, as if nothing has occurredly bite bite, also didn’t want to punish their own dogs, in order to let your silver fox no longer dared to bite you and our bit let dogs afraid for our body, we can in the silver fox often love bite, such as fingers, feet on something stimulating odour, such as toilet water, when the dog bites, The dog will be disgusted and immediately back away, which will make the dog think twice about biting the owner the next time.

Second, consider why a silver fox bites its owner:

This is a terrible question to contemplate. Why does a silver fox bite its owner for no reason? I THINK THIS IS CLOSELY RELATED TO THE MASTER’S DAILY EDUCATION, AND THE USER MUST BE RIGHT OR wrong, which will lead to the SILVER fox biting the master, we usually have to make correct requirements for the SILVER fox, not because we like the silver fox to let it train, to exercise the silver fox to judge things correctly. We usually pay attention to the development of silver fox when training silver fox, raising a small pet is like raising a son, we should teach them the correct animal view, world view, values, let him do a small animal that does not harm others.

Finally, keep a good company with the Silver fox:

I believe that many friends like silver fox when they see its smile! However, the SILVER FOX is loyal to its master and very wary of strangers. The silver fox used to be a kind of working dog and gradually became a pet dog after the Second World War, but its ferocity is indelible. Therefore, IT IS NOT SURPRISING THAT YOU ARE BITTEN BY THE SILVER FOX. I believe that if you take good care of the Silver fox, you will be recognized by the silver fox and will no longer be bullied by him

I don’t know how to listen to the introduction of small series, we said to small series how not to be bitten by the silver fox knowledge, I believe that you listen to the introduction of small series, must have a deeper feeling for the silver fox! As long as we treat him right, he will treat us right!


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