Where does training Alaska shoot

“To avoid harsh corporal punishment in Alaska, in its performance is not good, not a positive attitude, and can pass the appropriate punishment, such as sounding and reprimanded, or tap the head and clap bottom way let it remember the lesson, follow the principles of less punishment more rewards, repeat training long-term memory formation, is a good way to training.”

Alaska is an ancient sled dog, because it is tall, very powerful, and gentle personality, understanding, loved by people, there are a lot of people raised Alaska. In THE PROCESS OF TRAINING Alaska, BECAUSE the dog nature is lively and active, sometimes will not OBEDIently training, this time the owner will make a certain punishment, so the training Alaska play where better? Let’s take a look at it.

1. Appropriate punishment

What’s a good place to train Alaska? In fact, both in Alaska and the rest of the dog, the training is not a short time you can do, and at the time of initial training a dog will exist action was not well done, or not obedient training situation, generally speaking this time is the best encouragement and comfort, also can be induced by food dog to complete the training. If the dog is really misbehaving, this time can give appropriate punishment, let him remember the lesson.

2. The method of punishment

Generally speaking, it is not recommended that pet owners use the Great Alaska method to let the dog remember the lesson. There are many ways to punish the dog, including making noise to scare the dog, and scolding the dog to let it remember that the behavior is wrong. In fact, it is enough serious punishment for the dog. If you do spank Alaskan, you can’t really hurt him. Instead, spank him, or tap him on the head, to show him that it’s wrong.

3. Avoid harsh physical punishment

To keep in mind is that Alaska is not simply to punish, but to let it know this behavior is wrong, host to Alaska in the process of training, should avoid haste, to maintain a patient attitude, adhere to the principle of more reward less punishment training dogs, was able to play a good training effect. In particular, avoid harsh physical punishment, which will not only fail to train the dog, but also make the dog fear and alienate the owner, and even cause the dog’s mental stress, which is a hindrance to the training.

That is all about training Alaskan. When training Alaskan, the pet owner needs to be tolerant and patient. As long as the dog is repeated many times, it will form a long-term memory and will soon be able to master the training content.

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