How do you train a Pomeranian to catch mice

“Trying to catch mice is based on the nature to hunt prey, tied to a rope to mice at one end of the branches, with the mouse tease dogs then interest it, let the dog dog bite a mouse, and then drag the mouse to the floor on the finish, induced the dog take the initiative to capture and mice can also be tied on his bicycle and attract the dog catch mice.”

Many friends want to train Pomeranian to catch mice, although it is not the nature of the dog to catch mice, but the dog was born with a strong talent to chase prey, catching mice naturally is no problem. Pomeranian dog as a medium dog, catching mice is also very advantageous, so how to train Pomeranian catching mice? I believe that many friends are interested in the problem, the following to share with you the relevant training methods, to learn together.

1. Engage your dog’s interest

How do you train a Pomeranian to catch mice? In fact, there are many ways to train trying to catch mice here ready to a mouse, whether living or dead can be, and then prepare a thread tied on the mouse’s foot, in addition to prepare a branch, the end of the line will be tied to the branches after can let the Pomeranian to smell the smell of mice, also can remember the smell of mice by means of bite, The idea is to keep teasing the dog with the rat until the dog is interested enough to lock him up.

2. Taste inducement

When completed the first step, it can be the dog dog smelt or mouse is bitten, dragged down the corner of the room or the floor, leaving enough taste, then in the end put the mouse is good, after the pet master can put out the dog, this time send the password to the dog, at the same time with a finger just pulled across, let the dog dog initiative to smell, In this way, the dog will actively seek out the mouse’s location. The whole training is repeated several times to get the dog into a rut, and it also exercises the dog’s nose and basic hunting skills.

3. Bicycle training method

In addition, also can through to dead mice, let the dog dog bite a mouse, do a good job in this movement, the dog a reward after repeatedly later can start next, prepare the rope tied down mice on the bike, then spoil the Lord on the bicycle moves forward, before moving to the dog dog issued a password, make it noticed the bike strapped to her dead mice, and then began to move, So the dog would run after the rat, and over and over again it would train the conditioned reflex.

The above is about how to train Pomeranian to catch mice, have you learned? In fact, catching mice for Pomeranian does not need special training, as long as the interest of the dog, naturally will chase mice hunting.

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