Are there trained dogs for sale?

“If you want to buy a trained dog, you will usually go to a special pet store to buy it, and then you will go to some special kennels. These ARE PLACES WHERE PUPPIES ARE TRAINED TO DEFECate, to ENTER the cage, and to wear a collar. Buy friends can also see some of the training process on the spot. You can choose the puppy you like according to your own preferences.”

What dog is better trained?

Here I offer you three options, and you can choose one according to your specific situation.

The first option is a border collie. It is not difficult to train side herders because their intelligence is very high. Some relatively simple exercises can be learned quickly, and there are some exercises. They don’t need to be taught, they can learn it themselves. It should be noted, however, that border collies are easily distracted and love to play. Therefore, it is suggested that parents prepare some small snacks when they get along with the shepherd, so that they will be more relaxed when they get along.

The second option is a golden retriever. Golden retrievers are easy to train because they are gentle and obedient. Their greatest characteristics are their loyalty to their hosts and their ability to do simple household chores. So in canines golden fur is also known as warm male. When we give an order, we just put the order. Make it clear and simple so they can respond in the first place. And I kind of like golden retrievers myself.

The third option is the Doberman spaniel. In fact, it is not particularly difficult to train Dobermans’ intelligence, but it needs a certain amount of patience, because if you want to master Dobermans’ movements and commands proficiently, it probably needs about ten times of training. And Dobermans are gluttonous. So, I don’t really recommend Dobermans.

One of the great advantages of buying trained dogs from pet stores or dog communities is that they can train the dogs according to the needs of the buyers. In short, you can choose the dog breed they recommend. Then convey their needs to professional trainers, trainers can carry out targeted training according to these requirements.

This is why I recommend buying a dog from a special mattress or kennel. If you buy a dog from a less professional place, they will have some defects. In addition, not particularly professional institutions, they may not take the most scientific methods when training, which will lead to the training of dogs in the heart or personality more or less some defects. Will accompany the class teacher in the process of slowly revealed. Some of the worst things can happen.

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