Can train a dog to listen to a man

“When training Samoyeh to learn to lie down, we can help the dog learn better with a few tricks, such as repeating commands and giving the dog a favorite treat as a reward to let the dog learn naturally; For some dogs with weak learning skills and difficulty concentrating, we can use a lead to force the dog to learn. With the right approach and technique, it is easy for Samoyed to learn to lay down.”

With the improvement of people’s quality of life, more and more people choose to raise pets, such as dogs, and when there is a small partner at home, it also needs to be trained, otherwise the pet owner will often feel annoyed because of its naughty. So, how do you train a dog to listen? It is believed that many pet owners are concerned about the problem, the following will take you to understand.

1. Have a name

How do you train a dog to listen? Want to hear the words of his pet dog training, first to give it a name, have like teaching kids and a dog, the dog was a little child will give it a simple and easy to name, and then constantly called by that name, only in this way it will gradually adapt to, when dogs accustomed to the title, so after the master password, It’s also easier for dogs to understand.

2. Train back to the nest to rest

When buy puppies tend to begin a simple training, here you can choose induction and training way of hints, such as buying some delicious pet snacks and toys, and then in a rest place, then the host in the rest of the instructions, because there is a dog lying like food and toys, often can be good to stay inside, Within a month or so the dog will naturally get used to resting in the den at night.

3. Pee and poop training

When the dog is young, it should start to urinate and defecate training. If the dog is not trained from a young age, it will often develop the bad habit of urinating and defecate everywhere, which is difficult to correct when it grows up. Found that puppies need to go to the toilet, so the Lord should be timely to bring the puppy to go to the toilet, when it is completed after the urine will offer certain reward, when he found a dog poop everywhere at ordinary times, should also embrace it smells defecation, severely reprimand angrily to at the same time, tell it to this kind of behavior is not correct, After a few repetitions, it will know where to go to relieve itself.

That’s how to train dogs to listen to people. Have you learned? In fact, if you want to train your pet, listen to people and understand the rules well, then you should provide systematic training in time when you are young, so that you can play a good effect.

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