Keep your Doberman faithful in a few simple steps

“It is estimated that many people have seen the scenes of dogs saving people in movies, some dogs would sacrifice themselves to save their owners, many people think these movies are fake, in fact, there are dogs in our lives will save their owners. As long as we train it well in our daily life, it will be able to show good strain ability and protect its master when we encounter danger.”

Doberman is a very good dog, it has many advantages, not only smart and temperament, so it is very popular, many families will keep it as a pet. A few days ago, Xiaobian saw a Doberman dog related problem on the Internet, that is, how to train Doberman dog to protect the master, for this problem is estimated that many families of this breed of dog want to know, today Xiaobian specially for you to sort out the training of Doberman dog to protect the master, let’s take a look together.

1. Cultivate its ferocity and hostility

When Dubin is resting, we can pretend to be strangers and approach him, and make strange noises as we approach him. Then we tease it at some distance, and after a while, it tries to bite us. When Dubin starts to bite, we can pretend to attack him, so as to arouse his hatred and train his defense. We do this four or five times a day, until we show the dog will not stop barking, this stage is basically completed, of course, after the training must give the dog some reward.

2. Develop Dubin’s attack ability

For this stage of training, we will have to find a spacious open field training, we can look for their relatives and friends to help, let them pretending to be a bad man slowly close to the guest, when they have 15 meters distance VIP, let’s say “stop” loudly, let the dog dog notice “stranger”, the “strangers” will pretend to escape, When you run away, you can’t just disappear. You have to tease it while you run.

3. Train the guests’ biting ability

For this training stage, to let the auxiliary personnel first ambush in the dog walk near the route, when the VIP walk to the designated position, the auxiliary personnel to immediately jump out, pretending to attack the dog, this time we can not control the dog, to let it bite each other, of course, the auxiliary personnel to do a good job in advance defense work.

This is the basic method of training Doberman to be a master protector. These methods can also be applied to other dog training. If you have a pet in your home, it is a good idea to use these methods.

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