Pit bulls need to be trained when they are old

“After 70 days of age, the pit bull can be trained to develop living habits and then begin simple movements such as sitting, lying down and walking. Practice in a quiet environment and review your training in a distracting place. Do 10 to 15 minutes of training once or twice a day.”

No matter what kind of dog, is in childhood began training, the effect is the best, because of the gradual growth and development of the reason, its learning ability will gradually improve, only grasp this time to begin training, the dog can be trained into a obedient pet. So, how old is the right age to train a pit bull? It is believed that many friends are concerned about the problem, the following to understand.

1.How old is training

How old should a pit Bull be trained? In general, pit bulls can begin training in simple basic subjects after 70 days of age. And pit bull is a kind of high intelligence quotient (IQ) dogs, so learning speed is quick, but as far as possible choose life habit training at the beginning, when the skilled can begin to obey simple training, until it development to after half a year old, began to have high strength training, this time the pit bull fully developed, the basic movement training also don’t have to worry about the body hurt.

2.Methods of training

When training pit bulls at the beginning, pet should focus on the training methods. When choosing the training environment, it is best to find a quiet and spacious place that pit bulls are familiar with. This will have a good effect, because the quiet environment can improve their attention. If you are reviewing the training content, do not find a quiet place, but choose a place that can distract the dog’s attention slightly. By distracting the dog slightly, you can indirectly improve the focus of the training, so as to improve the effect of the training.

3.Simple movement training

Early training, teaching dogs after a series of life habit, you can begin to some simple action training, such as sit, lie down, get down, traveling and so on, to note here each training time not too long, it is best not more than ten minutes to 15 minutes every time, and number of times can keep once a day or two. Through proper training time, you can always keep the pit bull fresh for training, in the training is also more encouragement and praise, if the dog does wrong to stop.

That’s how old pit bulls need to be trained. Have you learned? If you want to train pit bulls, you can try the above methods and develop a scientific training plan to train them into healthy and intelligent dogs.

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