Dog Class – How to train Teddy not to get bitten on the hand

“Teddy bites a lot of people when they raise Teddy, which leads to a lot of trips to the hospital every other day. In order to help you solve this problem, we are going to give you a fundamental solution to this problem.”

I’d like to ask you a question. If you were bitten by Teddy, did you do anything out of line during training to make Teddy bite us? Or there are some problems in the training method.

Gaining Teddy’s trust and obedience is the most important thing:

Before we trained dogs, usually to train a dog training our teddy bidding for our command, to respond to our request, believe that many students at ordinary times in the video to see many dogs like to listen to understand a word, master said what is what, actually these video has had the teddy with master very understand each other, so the owner say what, Teddy knew what he was told to do. However, this level of understanding can not be achieved in two or three days, I believe that many friends have not had such a high level of understanding with their own Teddy. So we can play with Teddy, we can play with Teddy a lot, so it’s really easy to connect with a dog, and our little owners just need to take a little time.

Let Teddy think of us as his family:

Do you do anything unfilial to your parents in general? I believe the answer is no. As we all know, Teddy is a very intelligent dog. Teddy can judge whether we are good or bad to him. If we want the dog to listen to us, we have to let Teddy treat us as his own family. So how do we get Teddy to think of us as family? It’s very simple. If we play with Teddy and flirt with Teddy more often, it will be very quick to bond with Teddy.

What do we do if Teddy bites us?

What would we do as parents if our son or daughter got into trouble? We should not blame too much, but we should blame some, which can make our dog more obedient and more discerning. With proper education, we can make our teddy have the same correct outlook as human beings.

After listening to the introduction of Xiaobian, I believe you should know how to train your Teddy, so that he can better distinguish right from wrong, so that Teddy will not bite, but also not in the crisis of our Teddy will not bite. Dog breeding education, the most important is the correct three views, I believe that we should be aware of.


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