How do you train a dog to be a police dog

“Dog training to become a police dog, need to go through hard training, by toilet training to cultivate good living habits, and then expand obstacles training, training success can jump one meter high, dogs need to do to no training, only eat the food of trainers feeding, training through traction rope pulling along walk, until the dog and the pace of the trainers.”

Police dogs on the street patrol, no matter where they go, are the most attractive, very handsome, quiet and clever standing there, pulling wind posture attracted many people. And want to train to this degree, is need to go through a lot of hard training, so how to train a dog to become a police dog? It is believed that many pet owners are interested in the problem, here is to share with you the relevant training, to learn together.

1.Urine and feces training

How do you train a dog to be a police dog? Training dogs, the first things to learn is to learn in the right place to urine, this is also very important training course, because the life habits will determine the image of the dog, if a dog defecate indiscriminately, then there is no the majesty of the dogs, so need special attention to this problem.

2.Barriers to training

The second training is training, for dogs, this is also a necessary training course, through the jump, climb down and across Germany a series of training, can let the police dog smoothly over height of at least one meter high, is also a police dog the necessary skills, the training is the need to run at the same time to carry out the skill exercise.

3.No training

Due to the particularity of dogs, in order to prevent being abducted or malicious framed by strangers, we often learn to refuse others give food, although say dogs are naturally greedy, but after training can overcome the nature, and don’t eat the food of strangers casually, can only receive food trainers.

4.Walking training

Accompanying walking is also the basic subject content that police dogs must learn. They need to follow the trainer’s side and not lag behind. Only in this way can they be qualified. However, this training requires the trainer to control the dog from running freely by pulling the lead rope at the beginning and stay with the trainer obediently until the police dog can achieve the same speed as the trainer. Only in this way can the accompanying training be successful.

That’s how to train a dog to be a police dog. Have you learned? In fact, in the process of training the dog to become a police dog, the trainer needs to be patient enough to break the training course into a detailed step by step, and then through the method of food stimulation to help it complete the training, so that the dog can become a handsome police dog.

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