How are dogs trained to hunt?

“As a special hunting dog, training them to hunt is a necessary thing for the owner of the dog. In order to train the dog to hunt, we first need to train their endurance and speed. Second, we can tie a piece of bloody meat on a string or a bamboo pole and keep the dog jumping to reach it. The most important thing is to give the dogs a real experience of hunting. We can take them out into the wild and let them get used to the hunting process. Over time, they will learn to hunt naturally.”

Division under the home of the dog in the southeast of majiang county in guizhou province, because their main appear in the next town, so the dog dog dog, hence the name available next time dogs are notoriously hunting dog, he is a cook a lot of people are in the hunt for skilled, so feed has been the dog then training, hunting dogs also naturally, Become a lot of feeding dogs under a difficult task, if you do not know how to train dogs hunting, then next, I will take you to understand how to train private hunting and training under private hunting, we should pay attention to what things, you can carefully read this article.

1.Train their endurance and speed

How are dogs trained to hunt? Under the training department of hunting dogs, cultivate their endurance and speed is a premise, in the process of training, dogs often require the company to race chasing prey, this is a test their speed and endurance, we want to train their speed and stamina, we can often let them follow our car running, for example we can walk, ride a bike Let the dog run behind us. During this period, we must speed up the bike from slow to fast. Gradually increase the running speed of the dog, and each training time is gradually longer.

2.Tempt them with raw meat

How are dogs trained to hunt? Before we train the dog to hunt, we can prepare a rope or a bamboo pole with a piece of meat tied to it, and then keep swinging our meat to tempt the dog to run and jump to reach it, which can stimulate the dog and lay a very good foundation for the dog to better hunt.

Is after watching the above content, more or less known to the department of hunting dogs how to training, here will give you a warm tip, the department of dogs as a hunting dog, we still need to watch, because often hunting dogs are also more fierce, never can make naughty kids tease them, We should also take care that our dog does not cause harm to others.


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