How to train an adult Teddy dog

“Teddy adult after the familiar home environment, can immediately began training, to take the dog to a fixed place outside droppings or at home to look for a fixed place the newspaper on the shop as a toilet, time is long can master the outdoor and indoor fixed-point poo, dog after familiar with password and gestures, master to help dogs make the action, combined with password, after training to master the basic action over and over again.”

When a teddy becomes an adult, it often takes more time for the pet owner to correct his habits, develop and train him. However, THAT DOESN’T MEAN IT CAN’T BE TRAINED, AS LONG AS THE PET PUTS IN MORE TIME AND EXPERIENCE, and REMAINS PATIENT, IT CAN BE TRAINED. So, how do you train an adult Teddy? Believe that many friends are concerned about the problem, the following and you share the relevant training methods.

1.How are adult dogs trained

How to train an adult Teddy? The GENERAL PUPPY IS TO BE BORN 70 DAYS AFTER THE START OF training, AND ADULT TEDDY DOG, as long as the initial familiar with the home environment, can immediately start training. Generally speaking, training is divided into life training and obedience training, the former has fixed time, back to the kennel, fixed point defecation and so on, the latter is mainly the training of basic movements, such as sitting, standing, lying down and so on. At the beginning of the training, the dog should be trained to have a good living habits, consolidated after the start of movement training.

2.Designated defecation training

For THE TEDDY dog, fixed size is very important training, if not to develop this habit, everywhere, can be said to let a person very big head. At the beginning, you can choose to take your dog outdoors to defecate, for about half an hour each time, and take your dog to a fixed place outdoors to defecate. After a long time, it will get used to it. Indoor defecation training is the same, in the home to find a place where the dog defecate, spread newspaper here as a toilet, 15 minutes to 30 minutes after each meal, take the dog to defecate here, can develop the habit of indoor fixed defecation.

3.Basic movement training

Basic movement training requires a combination of pick-ups and commands, so familiarize your dog with the gestures and commands first. At familiar with the later start formal training, the “sit” password, and then to keep the dog sitting posture, if it does not do or not obedient, can be manually assisted it to complete the action, and actions such as standing up and get down the principle of similar, also need the password and manual to help them complete support, to timely give food as a reward every time after completes the action.

This is how to train adult Teddy dogs. Have you learned? In FACT, for the adult TEDDY dog, although a little older, training difficulty is slightly higher, but as long as maintain patience to train, can also play a good effect.

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