How can a teddy dog be trained to behave

Teddy training can start with obedience, give the dog a sniff of food to attract attention, then call his name to get him to look at you, and give him a reward when he completes the training. The training is divided into habit and interaction methods, and the two methods combined with the password can achieve the best training effect. Combined with the characteristics of the dog, more reward praise less punishment, the training of good obedient.

Many parents fret that their teddy is disobedient and don’t know what to do. In fact, if you want Teddy to listen, naturally through the correct training method, as long as after training, Teddy will be able to obediently listen to the master. So, how can a teddy be trained to behave? Here is to share with you the relevant training methods, to understand together.

1.How to train obedience

How can a teddy dog be trained to behave? Can begin with obedience training, training a dog for the first point is to attract the attention of the it first, this step can prepare some food and put food in front of the dog’s nose let it sniff it, but don’t let the dog dog be late, then can effectively draw attention to the living dog, its name at the same time, as long as it is able to keep looking at you, you can give food to the dog. When the training is repeated several times, the dog will immediately look at you as soon as its name is called, which means that the training is initially successful.

2.Password and training method

Whatever the training, the password is a very important step, to keep in mind that rule is first a password, and then let the dog dog to complete the action, if do not highlight this training, then the password is not working, only highlights the importance of password for dogs, was able to make it after hearing the password obey. Training methods are mainly divided into habit and interaction, to develop good behavior habits, dogs need to maintain a normal heart, the formation of conditioned reflexes. Interactive training, on the other hand, helps the dog release its energy by interacting with it and then training it to develop good habits.

3.Points for attention in training

When training a dog, it is necessary to combine the personality characteristics of the teddy dog, because every dog’s personality is different, and it needs to be different from dog to dog in order to achieve good results. During training, make use of food stimulation to help the dog complete the training, as food can increase the dog’s excitement and thus his interest in the training. Training should be less punishment, try to stimulate his interest through the way of reward, so that he will fully listen to the master’s words.

The above is about how to train the teddy dog obedient method, have you learned? In order to train a teddy dog to obey its owner, the pet owner needs to be patient and avoid rushing so that the dog will be obedient and understand the rules.

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