How do you train a bear for two months

“Two months than bear dogs can start simple training, a simple and easy to name, through continuous call familiar with his name, master the regular pattern of the dog poop, through the newspaper with a dog near the urine in the toilet, guide dog feces, regular time by password to obedience training, make the action after the reward.”

Some friends in the process of raising bears, will appear naughty dog not obedient, there are a lot of bad habits of behavior, this time naturally through the method of training, to help the dog to develop good habits. So, what’s a good way to train a bear for two months? Here’s how to do it. Let’s take a look.

1.Know your name

How do you train a bear for 2 months? Than bears in two months, actually can start a good habit of education, the training need to bear than dogs before (details) of a good name, the name is easy to simple easy to remember, the best and more in daily life are called the name of the dog, until it is familiar with his name, after a call it will know that will establish a conditioned reflex, Immediately came to the master’s presence.

2.Law of defecation

For two months old Bicurpee, but also to start the habit of fixed defecation education, because at the age of two months, the dog still won’t hold the defecation, basically urine urine, stool is pulled out, so this time to let it learn fixed defecation. First of all, it needs to learn to regularly go to the toilet, half an hour after a meal, or wake up in the morning, to guide it to a fixed toilet to relieve oneself.

3.Go to the toilet

In addition, we also have to let it know where to go to the toilet, when found the dog defecate indiscriminately, not to abuse it, but to bring it to a fixed toilet urine, also can use newspaper on nearby than bear dog urine on the toilet, so that when it wants to go to the toilet, will follow the smell of urine urine to fixed the toilet, Do it over and over again and you’ll get into the habit.

4.Obedience training

This time than bear dogs can also start some simple obedience training, such as sit, down, stand, such as movement, but before doing exercise, let it be familiar with the different password, such as a “sit” password later, want to let it know the meaning of this is to sit down, help it to complete the action at the same time, for five minutes to let go, Then encourage the behavior and reward the dog with a treat.

The above is about how to train for 2 months than the bear, we learned? At two months old, Bichon Frise is ready to start simple training, and interested friends can also try the above method.

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