How do purebred sheepdogs train

“Purebred dogs commonly, the name is required, at home with six weeks to eight weeks after the start toilet training, with a dog near the urine of old newspapers on the toilet, inducing the dog urine to fix the toilet, after three months start basic movement training, make the action to be rewarded, after after tied on traction rope to the outdoor training started to walk along.”

Speaking of sheepdog, I believe that many friends are not unfamiliar with it. As a kind of dog with intelligent nature and high intelligence, it is gentle and easy to raise, and is loved by people. And for pet owners, breeding collies also need to carry out systematic training, so as to cultivate good living habits, so how to train purebred collies? Here are some related training methods to share with you. Let’s take a look.

1.How old do you start training?

How to train a purebred sheepdog? After BUYING A COLLIE, THE OWNER NEEDS TO GIVE HIM a SIMPLE AND EASY NAME SO that he CAN START password training. When the shepherd dog is young, the pet owner needs to pet it and play with it more, so as to improve the understanding between each other and the closeness between the dog and its owner. In ADDITION, when the dog is three months old, it can start some basic movement training, once it has completed the correct movement, the owner should give rewards in time, so as to improve the interest of sheepdog training.

2.Pee and poop training

After six weeks to eight weeks, you can start the pee and poop training, which all pet owners need to master in the process of raising their dogs. This step requires the pet owner to prepare a fixed place for the dog toilet, and then prepare the old newspaper with the collie urine to put near the fixed toilet. When the dog wants to go to the bathroom, take it to this place to relieve itself. As long as repeated many times, the dog will naturally remember this place to relieve itself, and the owner will not need to take it to the bathroom again.

3.Walking and accompanying training

When completed basic training, can begin to prepare for the dog tied on traction rope, take it out for a walk, this takes a dog used to tow rope, then took it out of the door, can take a walk near home at the beginning, choose a quiet place, can let the dog dog at ease, helps training along for a walk. For sheepdogs, the training of going out for a walk is relatively easy to carry out, that is, it needs to give a certain amount of time to let them adapt. Therefore, pet should mainly avoid being too hasty, and keep patience to let the dog adapt slowly.

The above is how to train purebred sheepdogs, have you learned? Training A SHEPHERD DOG OFTEN REQUIRES a LONG TIME OF PERSISTENCE. The purpose of training is not to make the dog follow orders, but to make the dog master good behavior habits, which should be paid attention to.

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