How is the West Highland White Terrier trained

“West highland white terrier training like food and toys are available as an inducer, in combination with gestures and password induction training a dog to make action, can also be done in a dog after the correct operation, providing food, caress and verbal praise as a reward to consolidate the training effect, training spoil the mentality is very important, to be patient, for a long time insist to the effect.”

The West Highland White Terrier is a terrier pet. With the right training, the West Highland White Terrier can be developed into a compliant, well-behaved dog. It needs to be trained in a systematic way to achieve good results. So, what’s the best way to train a West Highland terrier? Here is a summary of several methods for you, I hope to help you, let’s take a look.

1.Mode of induction

How does west Highland white Terrier train better? First of all, can be trained by using the method of induction, pet master at ordinary times can provide some food or a toy it likes as inducer, induction training a dog to make the right moves, can also use this method to make its spontaneous movement, in the process of training need to combined with the use of gestures and password, so that we can improve the overall training effect by conditioning, The effect of this kind of training is obvious, and you can see good results in a short period of time.

2.Methods of reward

The second way is through the reward way to strengthen the dog training interest, and derivation of the difference, lies in the rewards method is to consolidate training results, and not by the ACTS of the induction training finish, as long as the dog according to spoil the Lord’s command to make the corresponding action correctly, master shall timely offer certain rewards, such as feed food, petting a dog, or verbal praise, etc. Are good ways, as long as used properly, this method can still play a good effect.

3.The mind of the Lord

In the process of training, the mentality of the pet owner is very important, because the training can not be finished in a few days, often need a long time of persistence, if the pet owner does not have a good patience, then it is often easy to worry, so can not persevere to provide training for the dog. Only if the training is a daily habit, then after a long time of persistence, the dog will naturally form a long-term memory, let it know that training is an indispensable part of life, and even do not need to be reminded later, the dog will take the initiative to master to train with it.

The above is about how to train the west Highland white Terrier method, you learned? You can use both of the above methods when training the West Highland White Terrier. Both are good methods and can work well if you practice patiently for a long time.

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