What are the rewards for training dogs

“What are the rewards for training dogs? When the dog behaves well, it can provide a specific toy as a reward after the action is completed. It can also choose to pet the dog’s head and scratch the dog’s neck as a reward. In addition, food reward is the best way to choose the dog’s favorite food as a reward, which can greatly improve the training enthusiasm.”

Many friends with what rewards for training dogs, is not too clear, at the time of training, if the rewards that a missing link, dogs tend to interest in much less training, motivation, training on subsequent expansion caused certain effect, so for the reward is to pay attention to something. The following is to introduce to you what kind of reward to choose for the dog.

1.Reward toys

What are the rewards for training dogs? During each training session, if the dog behaves well and completes the correct action, a toy can be provided as a reward. The toy can be given to the dog to play with or with, either way, the dog will feel very happy. Special attention should be paid to the selection of reward toys, not usually play toys, to select some special, and the dog has not played with the toy, only in this way to attract the dog’s interest.

2. Rewarding caresses

When the dog after finished the correct action, can caress a reward, mainly is crouched down in the completion of action in a timely manner, gently touch the head of the dog, then scratched a scratching the dog’s neck and ears, this behavior can let dogs feel very comfortable, at the same time, also can let the dog see the training finish is very good, can get master’s joy, This behavior also lets the dog know that he has gained a higher status in his owner’s mind, and the more you value him, the better he will try to perform.

3. Reward food

Said to the way it awards the dog dog, the best food is the reward, at the end of the day the dog is very greedy, if it can’t eat some reward, and particularly like food, then it will be enthusiasm for training, of course, every time the food reward not appropriate is too large and too much, each time after finished the correct action, a little reward, This will induce him to work harder in the next training session, and the dog will perform better in order to get the treat.

So that’s the introduction of what rewards to use in training dogs. Have you learned? In fact, for dogs, training is more reward and less punishment, only through the way of inducing it to complete the action, then the training effect will be significantly improved.

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