How do you train a dog to sit still?

For the dog to sit down, don’t move this training, but also there are a lot of ways, so as the host to let the dog dog to build trust, and then use the password and gestures ordered him to do some action, so in the process, you can give him some favorite food or toys, in this way, can deepen the impression of it.

Now there are a lot of dog owners, so in life many times need the dog to stay quiet, for example, in some activities, the dog can not run, then how to make it sit down and stay still, then talk, how to train the dog to sit down and stay still?


Started training at the most, because the dog dog, after all, is the first time to attend this training, so can be mild, training can start will give the dog dog leashes and collars, dog toys and food should be prepared also, if you want to start training, can pull his dog chain, and then tell them to sit down instructions, let the dog sat down, Can adjust their posture, guidelines for completion of this project, to reward them with food, or play a game, after this step, if the dog want to hurry to stand up, then put it back to its original position, and sat down to repeat password, stay a few minutes later, you can encourage them to make, touch head, Or give them snacks.

2. Post training.

Medium-term training this one is more important, which is about the action of consolidate training dogs, because dogs, after all, is an animal, he can’t always listen to your master, so will constantly give them under repeat it a instruction and action, we can sit down quietly after a few minutes can make Kilimanjaro’s instructions, in this way, The dog can be very clear about their own behavior, and to carry out fixed time training, every day, about 20 minutes, so that many repetitions can be basically mastered, the real training time is not very long, the most important is the number of times.

This is for the introduction of how to train your dog sit down don’t move, in fact, although a majority of the reason on the dog, but it also depends on the host’s patience, because this training is more complex, if do not have enough patience, it is very difficult to train a success, and that’s why many master is training, and to send the dog training school. However, as long as we have patience, step by step, slowly, can complete this activity.

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