How do you train a dog to jump the couch

“Training a dog to jump sofa need to start in three months later, when the body development is good, strong learning ability, with the more at ordinary times the dog sitting on the sofa, let its used to rest on the sofa, then induce the dog with a hand of food, the other one handle gently pat sofa, repeated several times after the dog jump to complete the action of sofa, after the reward.”

Some friends want to train their dog to jump on the couch, but are afraid to do so because they are afraid that improper training will cause injury to their dog. In fact, only after safe training, the dog will be able to learn how to jump on the sofa to avoid injury. So, how do you train a dog to jump on the couch? I believe that many friends are concerned about the problem, the following to understand it.

1. Appropriate training time

How do you train a dog to jump the couch? First of all, when training the dog to jump on the sofa, should choose after the dog is three months old, because the dog is too young, because the body is not fully developed, often prone to injury, and too young to understand the meaning of the owner. And in three months after the start of training, the effect will be better, learning ability is strong, is the best training period.

2. Get into the couch habit

It’s easy to train your dog to jump on the couch. You can break the whole exercise down into multiple steps to make it easier for your dog to master and learn. Usually have no time, often hold their dog to sit on the sofa, can also let it lie quietly on the sofa, dog is a kind of easy to form a habit of action, so as long as the habit will be easier to start jumping sofa training.

3. Food-induced couch jumping

Then the second step, we need to prepare some dog’s favorite things at ordinary times, and then with one hand holding a shaking in front of the dog food, but to note here is that the food is not able to feed the dog, this time can use the other hand clap sofa, as long as several times later, the dog will understand what you mean, jumped on the sofa. When the dog has completed the specified action, the dog should be given a food reward in time. As long as you are skilled at jumping on the sofa, and have formed a habit of behavior, then you do not need to use food to induce, just need to pat the sofa, the dog will automatically jump up to give you hug.

That’s how to train your dog to jump on the couch. Have you learned? When training a dog to jump on the sofa, remember to make it comfortable with the sofa, but also to make it like to stay on the sofa, and then through the food induced way to attract it, it will be easy to complete the training of jumping on the sofa.

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