How to train a dog to stand in season?

“We should in training the dog of the season, the first light fondle them, settle their emotions, and then take out food or dog is able to attract season things before them, and export to shout at the same time, allow them to maintain a good posture, if dogs cannot hold at this time of the season, we would use a moderate tone encouraged them, let them continue to adhere to, Stand in the most beautiful position.”

Said to the dog of the season, you may be more or less have some of them hear, we are buying when the dog is divided into several kinds of it, the first is the ordinary household type, the second is a pure lineage, is one of the best season, season dog both from the appearance and varieties, they are better than other ordinary dog, Season dogs in plain English is to be able to take part in the game, the game level dogs, dogs, but the training season is not a easy thing, we take the posture of the dog training season, for instance, many people don’t know how dog training season standing below this article I will give you count season how dog training posture, you can want to read seriously!

1.Keep the lead on and pet the dog

How to train a dog to stand in season? Our dogs in training, first of all, we want to use traction rope tied them, don’t let them run free touch, secondly we also want to use your other hand lightly touch them, the purpose is in order to be able to ease their mood, don’t let them too nervous, we only after the premise work well, so that the dogs can better cooperate with us, Then we can move on to the next step of training.

2. Have something that will attract them

How to train a dog to stand in season? Our dog standing before the above said the training season, we should well traction rope, and patted the dog dog mood, calm their emotions, so we are training the dogs of the season, but also to prepare a can attract them, such as their favorite toy or a food, food, of course, the effect will be better, we can put in front of them, the dog out of appeal, They just focus on what’s in front of them, which also keeps them in a standing position. This is a good way to stand the season dog posture, in the process of training them, they are likely to be tired to hold on and move, we must encourage them at this time, can not give up halfway.

Season dog how to train the relevant content in the above article, season dog sculpture is very strong, as long as a good training, will be able to cultivate a good season dog.

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