How to train a dog not to wet the bed, these few details can not be ignored

“When the dog wets the bed, we should severely criticize the dog and take him to the correct urinating area, so that the dog can realize where he should urinate. At the same time, we need to timely clean up the odor, can use the newspaper dipped in the dog’s urine, guide the dog to the correct position to go to the toilet, slowly get rid of the bad habit of bed-wetting.”

Now there are more and more families with pets. After a hard day’s work, it is really a very pleasant thing to have a lovely pet accompany you to play around at home. However, the habit of dogs defecating in public is also very distressing for many owners. Even if you go home to clean up, but the number of times will inevitably smell, such an environment is not everyone can bear, so many people are very concerned about how to train the dog not to wet the bed this problem, today we will talk to you. Here are a few details you should not overlook.

Clean up odors

Dog is usually to discern the direction of the toilet according to taste, and the dog dog in one place after micturition, can smell in this place, if the host is not cleaned in a timely manner, odor, over time, is likely to leave, so we found in dogs after wetting the bed in teaching a dog but don’t forget to remove the peculiar smell of the dog left, Otherwise, the smell will be difficult to clean up after a long time, and the dog will use the place as its own permanent toilet, which can be very difficult for the owner.

Teach the dog a lesson

We should also learn a good lesson from his own dog, the dog dog after wetting the bed if we don’t them must be punished, dogs may not be a President of memory, so we need to understand thoroughly to punish their own dogs, let the dog dog can understand what you’re made a mistake, next time in the toilet, the dog dog will think of this place is can’t go to the toilet, Last time I went to the bathroom here, I got a lecture. This method is simple and straightforward and has a significant effect on training your dog not to wet the bed.

Designate a toilet spot for your dog

The reason why dogs wet the bed may be because they can’t find a suitable place to go to the toilet. Therefore, owners should not only blame them, but also point out where the proper place to go to the toilet. Qualified owners can directly buy a special toilet trainer for their dogs. Owners who want to save money can also dip their dog’s urine in discarded newspaper and create a simple toilet guide to get their dog into the habit of using the newspaper over time.

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