How does a little Pomeranian train this move?

“The white Pomeranian that you see in your life is in the majority. The Pomeranian that shakes hands and sits down is more flattering. Little Pomeranian after training to sit down, this action is very simple. Under the careful training of the master, the little Pomeranian stood up and then stretched out his hand to do the farewell. A few simple steps to learn to say goodbye to this action, small Pomeranian will become very polite feeling.”

Although the Pomeranian is a German dog, it has spread all over the world. Pomeranian dogs are so clever that many families keep one. At night, the Pomeranian gets down to work, a little fidgeting. A Pomeranian would warn his owner. Pomeranian dogs have the ability to guard homes, so they can be found in rural and urban areas. Many dogs can do the bye-bye movement, small Pomeranian training how to bye-bye?

1.Let the little Pomeranian stand on his hind legs

In order for a young Pomeranian to learn to bye-bye, he needs to first learn to stand on his hind legs. We can prepare the Pomeranian’s favorite food. Take the ham. And then we take the ham to where the little Pomeranian stands up, above his head. This action is not done all at once, the ham should be slowly raised in front of the baby Pomeranian. The little Pomeranian will stare at the ham, two front feet naturally follow the height of the ham up.

2.Say goodbye to the same caliber

When TRAINING SMALL Pomeranian TO DO OBEISANCE, CALIBER WANTS UNITY, OBEISANCE TWO WORDS, VERY SIMPLE. You don’t have to switch around a lot, change the password a lot. If the dog doesn’t understand what it means, it won’t listen and sit down. When the little Pomeranian two front feet up, command it to do goodbye. Do successful, just prepared the food for the dog to eat a little. Be careful once. Don’t eat too much. Keep the food attractive. After repeated training several times, the dog will hear the command and reflexively do the goodbye.

3.Irregular movements need to be adjusted

Some dogs do not behave properly when they say goodbye. Some of the two small hands are not close to each other, then need to manually teach their hands closer. Some small Pomeranian balance is less than, in the training of small Pomeranian stand up, to spend a little more patience. Don’t do that until he’s stabilized. This gesture is often used during Chinese New Year or to say thanks, and the little Pomeranian gets food or verbal encouragement after each gesture. The little Pomeranian understood the advantages of doing this.

How does a little Pomeranian train this move? Through HOST CAREFUL INDUCTION, TRAIN REPEATEDLY, SMALL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTY CAN DO NOT ONLY SAY GOODBYE TO THIS ACTION, STILL CAN SHAKE HANDS WITH A PERSON, BEG HOLD, DOZEN ROLL AND SO ON ACTION. After training, a Pomeranian will become competent and polite. Everyone loves a dog like that.

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