How to train horse and dog not fierce

“Training the ferocity of the horse dog requires a long time of systematic cultivation to form inertial thinking, which can be divided into two stages. The first stage is the courage training, which helps the trainer approach the puppy of the horse dog, induce the dog to bark actively by teasing, and then pretend to run away. The second stage is to tease the horse and dog to bite actively. The trainer wears a sleeve to make the horse and dog bite.”

How to train horse and dog not fierce? As for the lack of ferocity of horses and dogs, it is also a problem that many pet owners worry about. Xu Ang needs to cultivate its ferocity through systematic training for a long time, so as to achieve the desired effect. Here is to share with you a training horse dog fierce method, hope to help you, take a look together.

1. Ferocity training

In fact, it is not difficult to train the ferocity of horse dogs, because the nature of horse dogs is relatively fierce, training difficulty is low, and starting from puppy training can achieve a strong plasticity, and then through the acquired adjustment, so as to form an active attack of inertia thinking. Of course, a systematic training is very important, ferocious training is mainly to improve the courage of horses and dogs and attack action, through different training subjects, can let the puppies learn to make different attack action according to different passwords, in the training also need the help of trainers.

2. Courage training

How to train horse and dog not fierce? Training is mainly divided into two stages, first of all need to start from the puppy training, mainly to improve its guts in this step, you can find the helper as help training member with the puppy came to the training place, and then let the help training gradually close to the puppy, pet Lord send password at this time, let the young dogs barking call or bite away to help training, At this time, the assistant trainer should pretend to be very afraid and run away while teasing the puppy. When the training is completed, the owner needs to give the reward in time, which can greatly improve the courage of the horse dog.

3. Offensive desire training

In horse breeds larger, generally in more than a half years old, can start further training, main is to improve the horse dog attack desire, spoil the dog came to the training venues, with the dogs and then let the help training wear good Ming sleeve, and then through the way of flirting attract horse dog attacks, when the horse breeds success after the bite, helps the training need to continue to tease, make the horse dog bite not to put, When it has done this, the owner gives it a reward.

The above is about how to train the horse and dog is not ferocious, have you learned? As long as according to the above way of training horses and dogs, or relatively easy to cultivate its ferocity, in the training of safety measures to avoid wounding, interested friends may wish to try.



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