How old can a dog be trained to poop?

“There is generally no strict limit on how long a dog can be trained to defecate, and it is generally possible to start training after weaning. Especially in the dog just entered a strange environment, this time should be more timely training dogs, let them as soon as possible to develop a good habit of defecation.”

For dog owners, it is very unpleasant to see their dog excreted everywhere, which will not only make them spend more time to clean up every day, but also after a long time, the house will inevitably have an unspeakable smell. So owners want their dogs to be able to pee and defecate in one place. So how old can a dog be trained to poop? About this problem, we will discuss with you today.

He has been training since he was a child

Some people think that poop training needs to be done when the dog is older, but in fact, it can be done when the dog is young, and it is perfectly okay to do poop training after weaning. When a dog is young, we should make it a habit to eat regularly, and pay attention to what our dog does before relieving himself or herself. When we find that the dog is about to start defecating, we take it to a fixed area, and over time the dog will develop the habit.

Fixed discharge area

As anyone who has ever owned a dog has probably noticed, pet dogs tend to sleep and defecate in a certain place, and once they have established the habit of defecating in the same place, they are more likely to go to the same place to defecate later. So the dog dog just moved to a new environment we’re going to start training it defecate, to make it clear to recognize where can defecate, so wait to dog habits after you don’t have to worry about, if wait until after the dog got into the habit of the wrong to correct, will inevitably need to spend more time.

Slowly narrow down the area of excretion

Smell is to stimulate the dog wears a signal, so we usually use with your dog urine smell something to guide dogs, defecate in the beginning in order to avoid the dog dog can not find, can choose a larger range, wait to dog after noticing again slowly narrowing the scope, also after found the dog feces to timely cleaning, This is not only for their own home environment clean, but also for their dog to develop a good urine and stool habits and make efforts. I believe that under your efforts, the dog will develop good habits of defecation, refueling together.


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