Pharaoh Hound

The Pharaoh Hound is also known as the Kobot Feller dog, the Harrier. The place of origin is Malta, which originated in 1000 BC. Its excellent hunting skills and the tacit relationship with people are the rare treasures and treasures we can learn about and study the history of dogs. Vigilant and active, very loyal and keen, excellent hunting dog with good sense of sight and smell.

Morphological characteristics of the Pharaoh Hound

The overall appearance of the Pharaoh Hound is elegant, powerful and agile. She has a slender figure, and her limbs look muscular. The name of this dog is directly proportional to his status.
Morphological characteristics
Pharaoh Hounds are of noble blood, with clear outlines and beautiful lines. The movements are very smooth, fast, stretched, and relaxed, with a vigilant expression. The ears are medium in size and flexible. The ears are erect when alert, the neck is beautiful, long and thin, muscular, slightly curved, the eyes are oval, the eyes are very close together, and they have excellent binocular vision for sight hounds. Necessary, the shoulders and back lines are very smooth, the limbs are strong, the tail is soft, the tail coat is thicker, and the tail tip gradually becomes thinner, the eyes are amber, the orbit is sunken, the eyes are sharp and alert, the nose is flesh-colored, and the coat When the dog is excited, it will be red. The long and thin face looks clear. The short and shiny but slightly rough coat needs a little combing. The toes are white and the feet are strong and strong.
Shoulder height: males are about 23-25 ​​inches; females are about 21-24 inches. The overall balance must be ensured. The length of the body (the distance from the front sternum to the hip bone) is slightly greater than the height at the shoulders. The body is flexible.
look alert. Eyes: Amber, commensurate with the color of the coat, ovoid, slightly darker, sharp and smart. Ears: The position is medium height. When alert, the ears are erect, but very flexible, the base of the ears is wide, and the ears are large and delicate. Head: Long, slanted, and well-defined. The stop is slight. The front face is slightly longer than the head, the outline of the head is parallel to the muzzle, and the head is blunt and wedge-shaped. Nose: flesh-colored, commensurate with the color of the coat, no other colors. Bite: strong jaws, strong teeth. It has a scissors bite.
neck, back line, body
Neck: Long, slanted, muscular, slightly arched, raising the head high. The throat line is neat and tidy. Topline: almost straight. Slightly tilt from the hip to the base of the tail. Body: Flexible, chest depth almost reaching the elbow. The ribs are well supported. Moderately raised. Tail: moderately positioned, with a fairly thick root and thin tip, like a whip, drooping at rest and extending to the hock. When exercising, the tail is raised and bent. The tail cannot be caught between the legs. A screw-shaped tail is a fault.
Scapula: Long and slanted backwards. Strong but not resistant to shoulders. Elbow: The angle is appropriate. Front legs: straight and parallel to each other. The pasterns are strong. Dewclaws can be removed. Feet: Neither cat’s foot nor rabbit’s foot, but very strong; well-developed and stable joints, neither turning in nor out. The foot pads are thick.
Strong and muscular. The hind limbs are parallel to each other. The knee joint is swept back moderately, and the second thigh is clear. Dewclaws can be removed, and the feet are the same as the forelegs.
is short and shiny, from delicate and close to the body to slightly rough, without fur. Scars caused by accidents are not a defect.
From bright brown to maroon, white markings are allowed as follows: A white tail tip is ideal. White markings (called “star spots”) appear on the chest. White feet or white tendons in the middle of the face are allowed.
Stretched and fluent; the head keeps a high posture, the stride is quite large, without any signs of strenuousness. The legs and feet move in a straight line in the same direction as the body travels. Flicking the feet to the side or raising the legs too high (horse posture) are all clear faults.
Smart, friendly, emotional, and naughty. Vigilant and active, very loyal and keen hound, with good sense of sight and smell.
spots or other white markings are undesirable. Pure white spots on the back of the neck, shoulders, back or parts of the body are disqualified.

Pharaoh hound character characteristics

Pharaoh hounds are sporty working dogs. They are of average size, but are not suitable for living in the city. They do not need to be groomed frequently because of their short coat and few coats. They are suitable for hot weather. Although this dog is smart and friendly, it is not easy to train.
Pharaoh Hounds are emotional and playful. Vigilant and active, he is a very loyal and keen hunting dog with a good sense of sight and smell.
The overall appearance is elegant, powerful and fast. The Pharaoh Hound is a medium-sized dog with a noble pedigree, clear outline and beautiful lines. The movements are very smooth, fast, stretched, and relaxed, with a vigilant expression. Its excellent cat-catching skills and the tacit relationship with people are the rare treasures and treasures we can learn about and study the history of dogs.

Pharaoh hound maintenance knowledge

Although the Pharaoh hound can adapt to the hot summer, it cannot guarantee that the dog is not afraid of the heat. After all, all dogs have no sweat glands on their skin and cannot wick sweat through the pores in the skin like humans. How should they be properly raised in the hot summer? Where is the Pharaoh Hound?
1. Drink plenty of water to prevent heatstroke
The water should be supplied all day long, and the water should be changed every day to keep the water clean. After exercising at high temperatures, dogs need to drink a lot of water to dissipate heat and quench their thirst. At this time, the owner must feed cold water, not ice water, so as not to stimulate the stomach. The best time to take them out is in the morning or evening, and try to let them play in the shade. Water is an essential nutrient for dogs. When water is short of 20%, the dog’s life is in danger.
Dog deaths due to heatstroke occur frequently both at home and abroad. When you find that your dog is panting with open mouth, foaming on the side of the mouth, walking out of balance, confused, and the body appears weak, it is likely to be heat stroke. At this time, its body temperature should be lowered as soon as possible. You can wash the dog’s body with cold water, or put it in a cold water bath to cool down.
2. Don’t leave your pet alone in the car
The temperature in the car is very high in summer, and it is difficult for the heat to escape, even if the car windows are opened with small slits, it is easy to cause heatstroke in the pet. When you come back and find that your baby is unconscious, it may be irretrievable.
Three, pet air-conditioning disease
Pets stay in an air-conditioned environment for a long time, they will also suffer from air-conditioning disease. The main symptoms of air-conditioning disease are sneezing and runny nose, dullness, anorexia, and even no eating or drinking. It looks similar to cold symptoms, but it is actually much more serious than a cold. In severe cases, body temperature rises, breathing and heart rate increase, and maybe even Cause sudden death. Therefore, owners should not let pets sleep under the air-conditioning vents, and it is best to let them stay in an environment with natural wind. In addition, do not blow the air conditioner directly after bathing your pet.
Fourth, the correct summer makeup
In the summer, clean up your pet’s sole hair and belly hair in time to help dissipate heat; trim the ear hair of dogs with long ears to avoid the breeding of mites. It is best to bathe and groom the dog every week to prevent skin diseases. Dogs should not be exposed to the sun after bathing, they should be dried first. When cutting hair, don’t trim too short, because proper hair can block ultraviolet rays. Also pay attention to the different pruning methods of different dog breeds, so that each dog has its own standard summer makeup. Don’t think that dogs don’t care about their image, beautiful makeup will greatly increase their appetite! If dogs don’t like their new image, they will be depressed, ashamed to meet people, and even get depression.
5. Personal opinion, prevention of heartworm disease, prevention of mosquito and flea bites.
I hope you will take good care of your baby and spend a happy summer together.
Six, regular in vitro deworming
Summer is the peak season for fleas and lice. Fleas and lice will not only attack the skin of dogs and cats, making them scratch, but also bite people. Therefore, regular deworming is very important.

Pharaoh hound food selection points

The Pharaoh hound belongs to a relatively old breed of dog. Due to the progress of society, dogs no longer eat human leftovers as before. Now with advanced technology, the development of dog food is both comprehensive and suitable for the taste buds of dogs. Therefore, feeding special dog food every day is not harmful. When buying special dog food, you should choose according to the breed and the growth period of the dog.
Special dog food can be divided into many kinds according to its characteristics, such as some hard, some moderate soft and hard, some soft and so on. Of course, a variety of flavors are also very complete. Classification of special dog food:
Hard-type special dog food: the moisture content is below 10%, mostly in the form of solid blocks. The nutrient content is richer, the economy is better, and it belongs to the most common type.
Medium-soft special dog food: also known as semi-cooked dog food, with a water content of about 30%, because it is soft, it is suitable for puppies and old dogs.
Soft dog food: The water content is more than 70%. It is processed into a meaty form from meat and fish. It is commonly known as gourmet dog food. It is made into canned food and can be stored for a long time.
Special dog foods include three types of dog foods with comprehensive nutrition as daily staple foods, interval-type dog foods with special flavors, and special nutritional supplement dog foods for sickness or pregnancy. They should be purchased separately according to the specific situation. Before purchasing special dog food, you should read the product description carefully. When purchasing special dog food, you should read the product description carefully and see the purpose of use of the product. And confirm the raw materials, ingredients, internal content, feeding frequency and feeding amount, feeding method, shelf life, etc. before buying.
Dog chews and molar bones are good things for dogs when they grow teeth, and they are also good things for dogs to kill time. However, when choosing a dog chew for the Pharaoh Hound, you must pay attention to some problems, otherwise the good things may become things that hurt the dog.
1. Pharaoh hounds with small mouths don’t choose too big dog chews. They can’t bite but want to bite very much. This will stimulate the secretion of saliva. Change it to a smaller one!
2. For small long-haired Pharaoh hounds, it is best to choose granular bones, which are easy to bite.
3. There is a strange dog visiting, the dog chew must be collected!
4. Check the hygiene of dog chews frequently. Don’t eat one piece for half a year just to save money.
5. Don’t give too many snacks to the Pharaoh Hounds, it is not good to develop a partial eclipse!
6. If the Pharaoh Hound is too fat, you can reduce the dog’s food intake and replace it with a dog chew, so that you will not feel hungry if your mouth is moving all the time. Not only to maintain oral health but also to build a good body for dogs, they are the magic wand that dogs love to lose weight!

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