Canadian hairless cats, also known as Sphinx cats, English name Sphynx, they come from Canada, but the recorded hairless cats were first discovered in the United States, but the people who discovered this cat did not carry out research and continued breeding without them, on the contrary It was a Canadian cat breeder who discovered this cat and bred it. In fact, there are hairless cats all over the world, because hairless cats are mainly caused by genetic mutations.

Canadian hairless cats are not completely naked and have no hair. They have hair on the ears, mouth, nose, feet, etc., but no hair on other parts of the body. Although this cat is allergic to cat hair But people who love cats like it, but there are still many people who can’t accept their wrinkled hairless skin.

Morphological characteristics of Canadian hairless cats

Some people think that Canadian hairless cats look dark, weird, and have such a little evil and scary color, so Canadian hairless cats are not as concerned and favored as other cats. But as the saying goes, don’t judge people by their appearance. Although Canadian hairless cats look very different, they are docile and easy to train, so people who have raised Canadian hairless cats are full of praise for this kind of cat.

Detailed description of morphological characteristics of Canadian hairless cats

Head: sharp edges and corners, wedge-shaped, thin cheeks, prominent cheekbones.

Face: triangle.

Ears: The auricles are large and upright; the ear tips are rounded and slightly leaning forward.

Eyes: large; usually blue and golden in color.

Body: The limbs are slender, muscular, and the hind limbs are longer than the forelimbs.

Hair: There are sparse hairs on the ears, mouth, nose, front part of the tail, feet, etc., and no hair on other body parts.

Skin: There are folds and many colors.

Weight: 3.5-7 kg.

Because of the smooth skin of Canadian hairless cats, some people have proposed that cats can be tattooed to make them more in line with the preferences of some people, but this behavior has been unanimously opposed by animal lovers. It is not easy to buy a Canadian hairless cat in China at present, because the Canadian hairless cat is a rare breed, it is more difficult to introduce, and it is impossible to do a good job of raising such a cat without certain economic strength.

Character characteristics of Canadian hairless cats

When Canadian hairless cats first appeared in people’s sight, many people found them difficult to control and difficult to domesticate. However, after a period of time, many people discovered that Canadian hairless cats are not only docile, they are also very easy to be trained. So Canadian hairless cats began to gradually enter people’s homes.

At first, Canadian hairless cats were discovered by accident. However, cat breeders began to study them. Although many people like cats, they are allergic to cat hair. The emergence of hairless cats can solve such a problem. , So the breeding of hairless cats was officially put on the agenda. Because of the sparse hair (hairless cats are not really hairless, but only have long hairs on certain parts of the body, such as ears, mouth, nose, etc.), the touch of this cat is completely different from other cats.

Canadian hairless cats have high IQs, and their IQs even surpass that of Siamese cats (detailed introduction), so in addition to basic life skills training, the owner can also teach them to learn some celebrity extension skills, such as popular costumes on the Internet. Wait. It should be noted that cats with high IQs are very capable of learning. They may learn to open and close by themselves by observing that you open and close. Sometimes the snacks you put in the drawer may also be found by them, so the owner is in When raising Canadian hairless cats, you must do a good job of guarding them, and don’t let them do some “bad things” behind your back!

As pets, Canadian hairless cats are also very qualified. They are docile to people and get along well with other animals, especially when they get along with their kind, they hardly fight fiercely. In addition, they can live in harmony with dogs, so you don’t have to worry about keeping other pets in your home and you can’t have one more Canadian hairless cat. Although Canadian hairless cats are docile, they are also delicate cats. If the owner scolds them during training, they will also feel very hurt. The cats that have been taught by their owners for a long time will only get farther and farther away from their owners.

Canadian hairless cat maintenance knowledge

In the eyes of many people, Canadian hairless cats are the product of genetic mutations, and their bodies may not be as healthy as normal cats. In fact, this concern is completely unnecessary. Canadian hairless cats are not susceptible to genetic diseases due to genetic mutations, but due to their sparse body hair, they are more sensitive to sunlight than normal cats.

If exposed to the sun for a long time, Canadian hairless cats will get sunburned, and cats with white skin will also turn black due to sun exposure. Therefore, in order to avoid the occurrence of this situation, the owner is best not to let the cat sun for too long The sun. In addition to being afraid of high temperature and sunshine, Canadian hairless cats cannot adapt well to severe cold winters. Because they do not have the shelter of hair, they need their owners to prepare some clothes and blankets for them to keep warm.

Canadian hairless cats don’t have any hair. Can their owners not bathe them? Of course not. In order for Canadian cats to live better, owners should bath their cats regularly. When bathing cats, they must use a cat-specific shower gel. Don’t just pour your own shower gel on your cat. Otherwise, the cat’s skin oil secretion level may be abnormal.

The average lifespan of Canadian hairless cats is 12 years, and some cats can live more than 15 years under proper care conditions. At present, the number of Canadian hairless cats is very small because they are difficult to breed. It is precisely because of their scarcity that buying a Canadian hairless cat requires the buyer to have a certain financial basis. Under normal circumstances, the price of such a cat is about 30,000 yuan.

Feeding points for Canadian hairless cats

Canadian hairless cats are carnivores, so if you want to make homemade cat food for your cats, the owner should not just give them a vegetarian diet. Cats who have been vegetarians for a long time cannot obtain the nutrients their bodies need. They may manifest as weight loss, digestive disorders, and malnutrition.

Before preparing food for the cat, the owner should first check whether the food can be eaten by the cat. For example, food such as animal liver should be supplied in an appropriate amount. If the cat eats too much animal liver, vitamin A poisoning may occur. Symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea. Secondly, the owner should also pay attention to the way the food is cooked. Take fish as an example. Steaming is the best cooking method. This will not only keep the fish as delicious as possible, but also prevent cats from ingesting too much salt and oil. In addition, some owners will feed the cat raw food. If this is the case, the owner must ensure the safety of the food to prevent the cat from suffering from parasitic diseases. For cats that eat raw food, the owner also needs to deworm them regularly.

In summer, in order to avoid food spoilage, the owner may put the cat’s food in the refrigerator, but before serving it to the cat, the food must be kept at room temperature, otherwise the cat will easily vomit after eating a colder food. Or diarrhea. If your cat has the experience of going through the kitchen trash can, the owner should take the trash away directly or look at the kitchen door before going out. Because the temperature in summer is high, the food in the trash can will spoil in a short period of time. If swallowed by mistake, food poisoning will occur.

For the owners of cat food, you can let the cats choose their own taste. In addition to dry food, many manufacturers also offer soft foods such as canned cats. Compared with dry food, soft food has better palatability and higher water content. However, long-term soft food for cats is not beneficial to their teeth, so it is best for the owner to let cats use dry food as the main food.

If the cat wants to eat snacks, the owner can also provide them appropriately, but you must not feed them as soon as the cat opens the mouth. If the cat eats too much snacks, it may become obese, suffer from various diseases, etc., which will seriously harm the cat’s body. health.

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