Abyssinian cats are also known as rabbit cats, Ethiopian cats, Abi, etc., and their English names are Abyssinian, and they are now distributed all over the world. People usually judge the cat’s origin by the cat’s name, but the origin of the Abyssinian cat seems to be a little different from the Abyssinian. Abyssinian is the old name of Ethiopia, but many people believe that Abyssinian cats came from ancient Egypt.

Gene comparison revealed that the Abyssinian cat originated from the coast of the Indian Ocean. It may have been a wild cat purchased by colonists and developed in Egypt. Legend has it that Ramses II asked King Abyssinia to give him a group of cats, and he brought them to Egypt. Became the origin of the current Abyssinian cat.

Later, in 1868, an English soldier brought back a small female cat named “Zula” from Alexandria, Egypt. The Abyssinian cat line was born after Zula mated with a British Taban cat. Although most Abyssinian cats are genetically identical to ancestors in appearance, there is insufficient evidence to prove that the cat line later called Abyssinians is directly related to ancestors.

Abyssinian cat morphological characteristics

In addition to the names of rabbit cats and Ethiopian cats, many people refer to Abyssinian cats as ballet cats because of their graceful behavior and gait like a ballerina. In addition to its lightness, the appearance of the Abyssinian cat is also fascinating. No cat can be more like a lion cub. This natural advantage makes the Abyssinian cat out of many cats. stand out.

The coat of Abyssinian cats is densely grown, and is khaki or blue. The limbs are slender, muscular, and the body is soft and flexible. The tail and claws have the characteristics of a taban cat, but the body shape and posture cannot be the same as that of a taban cat. The head is wedge-shaped, the eyes are almond-shaped, golden yellow, green, and hazel, and there are black stripes on the chin, lips and the edges of the eyes. The ears are larger and the forehead has M-shaped markings. The weight is 4-7.5 kg and the size is moderate.

The eyeliner of the Abyssinian cat makes it have a more obvious facial contour from the front and the oblique side; from the perspective of anthropomorphism, it is easier to derive inner thoughts from the expression than other cats.

Abyssinian cats have obvious wavy markings and yellowish-brown hair, usually orange gold, but also blue (a bluish light gray), light yellow, reddish brown, and red (one is called “brick red”). There is also a relatively rare “silver” Abyssinian cat whose coat color is displayed in gradation of white, milky white, and gray.

Detailed morphological characteristics of Abyssinian cats

Head: The head is exquisite in shape, with a slightly rounded triangle. The nose is slightly protruding, the kiss is short and firm, and the teeth are in a scissor bite.

Ears: The ears are large and upright, with a wide base, thin edges of the auricle, and slightly pointed and leaning forward. The ear hairs are short and dense, the reddish-brown hair tips are black or dark brown; the red hair tips are chocolate-colored. The ears are covered with fur.

Eyes: The eyes are large almond-shaped, slightly hanging the tip of the eye; the edge of the eye is black, and the surroundings are covered with brown hair. The eyes are green, yellow, hazel and other colors.

Body: Medium size, light body, well muscled, well-proportioned and coordinated.

Limbs: The limbs are slender and the feet are slender, in harmony with the round and slender figure.

Toes: The toes are small and firm and oval. When standing up, you can see standing up with the tip of your claws. Tail: The tail is long, pointed and tapered with a thick base.

Coat: The coat is fine, soft and elastic. Most coats are red and yellow, with different shades, combined with the effect of refraction to form markings; the coat color changes subtlely during activity, which is as gorgeous and shiny as silk, which is extremely attractive.

Coat color: There are currently two recognized coat colors for Abyssinian cats, namely reddish brown and red. The reddish-brown color is reddish-brown. The hair tips are black or dark brown, and the hair roots are reddish brown. When the tip is completely dark, the back is allowed to be dark. The lower hair is reddish brown (red, yellowish brown cross) and the tip of the hair is black. The color of the coat on the front chest, abdomen and inner forelimbs is consistent with the overall color, with yellowish brown being the most ideal. The lower palate is pale yellow.

Others: The nose is brick red. The toes are black or brown, and the toes to the claw tips are black. The eyes range from golden yellow to green, the darker the better. The red body color is soft and vivid red, and the hair tips are chocolate-colored, but dark red is the most ideal. The tips of the ears and tail end are chocolate brown. The nose is pink. The toes are pink and chocolate brown from the toes to the tips of the claws.

Although the morphological characteristics of many cats are not obvious, Abyssinian cats are obviously not in this category, and we can easily distinguish them from a group of cats.

Abyssinian cat character characteristics

Maybe you don’t know yet. Abyssinian cats have such a nickname-dog cats. As the name suggests, Abyssinian cats have certain personalities like dogs. For example, they are smart, friendly and curious. Wait, although Abyssinian cats are a kind of independent cats, they will establish a deep relationship with their owners, so people will give them such a name.

1. Independent but emotional

Most cats are very independent, they like to immerse themselves in their own world, but even so, it does not mean that they will not have feelings with their owners. The Abyssinian cat will choose the one who is best for itself among the people who care for itself, interact with him often, and rely on him in life. However, if left out, the Abyssinian will become bored and frustrated.

2. Active and friendly

Abyssinian cats are active cats. They don’t hide in places where they feel safe as soon as they see people. In addition, because of their curiosity, they can easily “snap the bait” with a little teasing. .

Three, fun

Abyssinian cats like to play. If they are bored for a long time, they are likely to have lost emotions like humans. Abyssinian cats are also very good athletes, especially they are good at climbing. If you do not find cats after looking at home for a long time, they are most likely to observe the “enemy situation” at a certain height!

Abyssinian cat care knowledge

Don’t think that cats like small spaces. Abyssinians don’t. They like spacious rooms. If you put them in small spaces, they will be angry. Therefore, before raising Abyssinian cats, we must first plan their activity space.

In addition to the need for a spacious room, you’d better prepare cat climbing frames for them. Some people call Abyssinian cats a master of rock climbers. From this title, you can see that Abyssinian cats are good at climbing. Climbing up and down, a fun cat climbing frame can definitely make them enjoy life. Because of Abyssinian cat’s active personality, the owner must do a good job of putting away the fragile items in the house during the process of caring for the cat.

Although Abyssinian cats are lively and active, they seldom noisy their neighbors. They have a small and gentle call and are naturally smart, so they can quickly adapt to the life of a human family with a little training.

Like all cats, Abyssinian cats like to play, and they want to interact with their owners. If their owners leave them alone for a long time, they may even suffer from “depression.” Therefore, if you are away for a long time, you must play with cats after going home, otherwise your status in their minds will gradually decline, and if there are other family members in the family caring for them, they will beat you in. Leng Gong, turned to favor other family members.

Abyssinian cats are short-haired cats, so the owner does not need to bathe them often. Generally, it is enough to take a bath once a month. If the bathing frequency is too high, it may disrupt the cat’s body oil balance and eventually cause the cat to have various problems, such as dry hair and dander on the body.

Feeding points for Abyssinian cats

The feeding of Abyssinian cats is not different from other cats. Under normal circumstances, as long as you feed them cat food, you can meet their nutritional needs. However, if you want your cat to eat better, you can make your own Give them cat food. When choosing cat food, the owner must clearly see the scope of application of cat food. For example, when cats are still young, they should not choose cat food. In addition, the owner can also choose their favorite flavors according to their preferences.

For owners of self-made cat food, it is the most important thing to provide cats with a scientific and reasonable diet. Don’t cause cats to be malnourished or eat foods that shouldn’t be eaten due to improper diet. Many owners think that it is not a big deal for cats to eat a little bit of food on the table. However, this is not the case. If cats eat food on the table for a long time, they are prone to hair loss and urinary system diseases.

Many owners now feed their cats mainly with cat food and homemade food as a supplement. The advantage of this is that they do not have to worry about the cat not getting sufficient nutrition, nor do they need to worry that the cat will not be able to enjoy other foods because of the cat food. However, it should be noted that do not relax the food requirements just because it is supplemented by homemade food. Low salt and low oil can ensure the cat’s health.

Other considerations:

1. The owner can prepare a little snack for the cat outside the dinner, but the snacks need to be limited in supply. If the snack is provided in an unlimited amount, it is easier to cause the cat to be picky eaters, obesity, and various diseases.

2. In areas with high humidity, the owner must do a good job of food storage to prevent mildew of cat food.

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