Pomeranian cat, also known as Pomeranian cat, is called Burmilla in Latin. This cat was born in the UK in 1981 and successfully participated in the exhibition two years later. After the exhibition, the Pomilla cat immediately attracted widespread attention. In fact, the birth of the Pomeranian cat originated from a beautiful combination-the lavender Burmese cat and the silver Jinjila long-haired cat “born out of wedlock”, and the child born was the original Pomeranian cat.

Pomilla cat morphological characteristics

Pommilla cats are a hybrid breed. They are the offspring of hybrids between Chinchilla and Burmese cats. They have long and short hairs. Because they are hybrid cats, Pomilla cats have inherited some of the characteristics of their ancestors, but after artificial breeding, they have also formed some of their own characteristics in such a long time-they are elegant in shape, gentle in personality, and beautiful in markings, even though they They were only born in 1981, but more than ten years later they were on the podium of the championship.

Detailed description of the morphological characteristics of the Pomilla cat

Body type: Medium body, elegant posture but full of muscles; weight 3-6kg; almost all white at the bottom with lavender hair tips.

Head: wedge-shaped short head.

Ears: Intermediately spaced.

Nose: Clearly concave nose, reddish-brown nose.

Eyes: The color is green.

Coat color: A few darker markings can be seen on the head, legs and tail. The cats of this breed have many coat colors, including black, blue, brown, and chocolate. Red, cream, etc. cats are not yet recognized in Australia.

Tail: It is not very thick, and the tail end becomes thinner.

Hair type: Both long-haired and short-haired, the hair is soft and compliant, and it feels comfortable to the touch.

Pomilla cat character characteristics

Maybe even if Pommilla cats stand in front of you, you don’t know what kind of cat they are, but their elegant temperament and friendly personality will certainly not arouse your disgust. They show a high degree of independence when the owner is away. However, once the owner appears, they may act like a kitten to the owner. Even if they are adults, this personality will not change.

Pomilla cats are very sociable. For example, they know how to play with their owner. When the owner is happy, they will ask for more petting or snacks. When the owner is not emotional because of anger, they will let the owner be Be quiet for a while in your own space, and wait for a while to accompany your master. If the owner has enough time, it is best to accompany the Pomilla cat to interact with each other every day. If the owner is busy with work, he must prepare toys for them in advance.

Pomilla’s superb communicative skills are also reflected in getting along with children and other animals. Many cats cannot coexist peacefully with children or other animals. However, Pomilla cats have done a great job in this aspect. Therefore, if you live at home There are children or other animals, and the owner does not have to worry about them actively hurting the children or fighting endlessly with other animals.

Pomilla cats are also lively cats. They don’t stay in one place for a long time like Persian cats. They like their owners to play with them. If they are alone at home, they will have fun on their own. In short, they don’t. Let yourself sit idle for too long.

Pomilla cat care knowledge

Pomilla cats are easy-going, lively, smart and smart, so as long as you master certain skills, training Pomilla cats is not particularly difficult. Before training the Pommilla cat, the owner needs to be mentally prepared. The cat cannot be trained overnight. Sometimes the cat may not understand your instructions well, and sometimes the cat may not want to do your instructions at all. When encountering these difficulties, the owner needs to be patient and guide, and must not lose his temper with the cat because of losing patience, otherwise the cat will only become less and less willing to accept your training, and they will gradually become afraid of you.

After doing a good job of psychological construction, the owner needs to understand the temperament and personality of his cat, and know what they like and hate in order to better train. Under normal circumstances, the best time to train your cat before meals is to use food as a stimulus to let the cat complete the instructions you give. Even if the cat is reluctant, they will be complacent because they want to get food. However, the time for training cats with food before meals should not be too long, usually 15 minutes is the upper limit. Excessive time may cause cats to lose interest. In addition, training cats in a hungry state for too long is not good for their bodies.

In addition to training the cats before meals, the owners can also insert some training in their usual fun. For example, when playing games, they can let them know that some places are not allowed to go, otherwise they will be shot by the nose or squirt. Attack etc. Some owners also use snacks to train their cats while playing with them. Under the stimulation of snacks, the cats can indeed complete a lot of skill training, but the owner should not over-supply snacks, otherwise it will cause the cats to become obese and various In addition to secondary diseases, it is easy to cause cats to have more and more appetites, and it may not be possible to give them snacks to arouse their interest in training in the future.

Pomilla cats may be slack or fail to hear the owner’s password during the training process. These are feedbacks of their true inner thoughts. The owner does not need to be too forceful, and can be reserved for the next training. And if the cat has already learned a skill, the owner needs to repeat the consolidation training for the cat, otherwise some cats will forget what they have learned before. In fact, cats also have great potential. In many cases, the owner has not developed it well. Therefore, in the daily maintenance process, the owner can continuously tap the cat’s potential to complete more training.

Pomeranian cat feeding points

Pomela cats do not have any special requirements for food. In foreign countries, many people recommend using raw meat to feed Pomela cats, but this suggestion has caused widespread controversy. The point of contention is nothing more than how safe raw meat is for cats. Proponents say that raw meat feeding is more interesting for cats, and that eating raw meat can reduce the probability of cats’ teeth problems, reduce body odor, prevent cats from eating bad chemical additives, and make cats stronger. Opponents say that raw meat may bring a series of adverse effects to cats. Parasitic diseases, diarrhea, and vomiting are among the most common phenomena.

In most cases, cat owners will still give cats cat food, and the nutrients contained in cat food are enough for the cat’s body, so even if the owner only feeds cat food, he will not worry about the cat’s nutritional deficiency. Case. Moreover, there are many flavors of cat food on the market, and there is a lot of room for owners to choose, so it has won the hearts of many people. However, as the status of pets in people’s hearts continues to rise, owners will also treat cats as family members. Therefore, it is not enough to eat cat food alone. They will also prepare snacks for cats. At present, there are two main snacks for cats. Species-direct-purchased snacks and homemade snacks.

Don’t think that the snacks you buy directly are tailor-made for cats and you can feed your cats unscrupulously. Eating too many snacks for a long time may cause cats to become very picky eaters. There are also many picky eaters in the clinic until they are unwilling to eat staple foods. Cat, it will be very difficult for cats to get rid of this habit at that time. For parents of homemade snacks, you must understand clearly which foods can be eaten by cats and which foods cannot be given to them. Once eaten by mistake, cats may have many accidents. In addition, the addition of seasonings must be extremely careful, do not use your own taste to judge the cat’s taste.

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