Singapore cats originated in Singapore and are also known as Lion City cats. They are called Singapura and Kucinta in English. They are the smallest cats in the world, so they have attracted the attention of many cat friends. Singapore cats are also known by other names, but their nicknames are not very flattering-gutter cats and sewer cats. Their nicknames are related to their living environment. Singaporean cats were not popular with local residents a long time ago. They are forced to live in sewers or sewers, so the locals directly refer to them as sewer cats and sewer cats.

Singapura morphological characteristics

The first form feature may be their petite size. Their small size can make people mistake them for immature cats. Under normal circumstances, their weight will not exceed 3kg, which is enough to see how much they are. It’s small. In addition to being “small”, Singaporean cats also have their fixed characteristics. Let’s take a look at their detailed description of their morphological characteristics.

Detailed description of morphological characteristics of Singapore cats

Head: round with M-shaped markings on the forehead.

Eyes: Almond eyes, large, hazelnut, green or yellow in color.

Ears: large, wide at the base of the ears.

Nose: short.

Limbs: moderate length.

Hair: Ancient ivory background and hair tips are dyed dark brown (dark brown agouti markings), shiny and docile.

Many people have this impression when they first see Singapore cats-they look like rabbits, but don’t be fooled by their appearance. Although Singapore cats are weak in appearance, their muscles are very strong. , And never lose the big cats even in a fight.

From the above description, we can find that Singapore cats are relatively easy to distinguish. If you want to buy a Singapore cat, buyers can distinguish them from other cats based on their appearance characteristics. Because Singaporean cats are rare in the country and there are very few people raising them, it is not easy to buy a Singaporean cat, and people who do not know about cats may be deceived by some unscrupulous vendors.

Singapura Personality traits

It may be due to the long-term residence in the sewers or gutters, so Singaporean cats cherish their current life after a good life. They are very sticky to their owners, as if they are afraid that they will be abandoned again someday. When you are at home, they may follow your footsteps, and occasionally yell at you or rub your legs twice. These are all signs of attention. The owner may wish to touch them. They will feel very Happy.

Singaporean cats are also cheerful and outgoing cats. They do not become very shy because of the arrival of strangers. Some Singaporean cats can even quickly become friendly with guests visiting their homes. At the same time, they also know how to get along with people. A little cute eyes and a soft cry are powerful weapons to capture you. This also has to admire the smart brains of the Singapore cats.

Like most cats, Singaporean cats have a strong curiosity. There is a sound on the other side of the door, a sudden movement of the box, and a space under the stairs that has never been stepped in. These will make them start the exploration mode. However, the owner does not have to worry that they will cause huge damage to the home because of curiosity, because although Singaporean cats have strong curiosity, they act carefully and hardly leave obvious evidence on the scene.

Although Singaporean cats have successfully turned into pets, some Singaporean cats seem to have not forgotten the living habits of their ancestors. They will go into the sewers to look for their ancestors’ cats. This may cause headaches for their owners, so when they take care of their cats Be sure to do a good job of protection and don’t let the cat have a chance to get into the sewer.

In addition, Singaporean cats and children can get along well. Parents must help cats get vaccinated and dewormed before letting cats get along with their children. For very naughty children, the owner must do a good job in educating the children and don’t let them hit the cat at will, otherwise some quick-tempered cats may accidentally hurt the child.

Maintenance knowledge

Like all cats, cats are timid, afraid of people, clean, free, Singapore cats are no exception. Singapore cats first originated in Singapore. In the early 1970s, they were found to be very petite. s cat. Singaporean cats are quiet and loyal to their owners. He is curious and agile, and often runs around lively.

change teeth

Kittens will gradually grow milk teeth from birth, and they will be able to bite dry feed when they are nearly two months old. Therefore, mother cats will gradually refuse the kitten’s breastfeeding behavior because of the growth of kitten teeth. It’s the so-called weaning, why would you refuse it? It just hurts! Teeth biting the nipple is of course painful, but remember that the teeth seen before the age of four months are all milk teeth, and they will gradually fall out and be replaced by permanent teeth. Of course, there will be bleeding during the tooth replacement process. This condition will continue until the age of the month, the gums will be slightly red and swollen, and even a little anorexia, this is normal.

Why have we never seen deciduous milk teeth? This is because most of them will swallow the shed milk teeth into their stomachs. Does it matter? It’s okay. If you have any doubts, it’s best to ask a veterinarian to check it. Is it possible that the deciduous teeth will not fall out? Of course it is possible. This will affect the growth and direction of the permanent teeth. Therefore, if there are still deciduous teeth over eight months old, they must be removed by a veterinarian.

hunting behavior

Cats are complete carnivores and play the role of predators in the food chain. Therefore, kittens will learn to hunt for food from an early age. This is a kind of nature. The target of the exercise is the mother or siblings, but it is your mother or sibling. After taking it home to raise, these learning and practicing objects are gone, what should I do? Of course, only humans are left, that is, all the family members. There are often owners who complain, “It keeps biting! It will suddenly rush out to bite my feet.” In fact, this is a learning of hunting behavior. The process is a normal behavior, but it may cause trouble for you, so treat a baby cat with gentleness and gentleness. Don’t provoke its nature, and don’t play rough games with it, so as not to bite and become addicted.

If a kitten bites a person, you can flick its nose to teach it, or spray it with a water gun. If it bites a finger, you are welcome, just put your finger into its mouth and make it feel uncomfortable in the future. Don’t dare to bite, but this kind of training will not work once or twice, and it will take a lot of intensive to deepen the impression.

Hair Cream

I don’t know who invented the term Huamao Ointment. It is so creative and misleading. In fact, Huamao Ointment is a kind of stool softener, stool agent, and constipation treatment agent. It cannot digest hair at all, because Cats have rough barbs on their tongues, which can be used to comb their own hair. During this licking process, the shed hair will be swallowed into the stomach and intestines. A small amount of hair will not cause any symptoms. When there are hair bulbs or a lot of hair loss, the amount of hair swallowed into the stomach and intestines will be considerable, and may cause the so-called “hair bulb disease”, which is gastrointestinal obstruction. The symptoms are vomiting and constipation.

Then the question is coming! Do kittens need to take Huamao cream? It’s too late for the kittens to grow their hairs, so what’s the hair loss? Unless there is a skin disease that causes severe hair loss, most people will start to give hair cream after 6 years of age. Moreover, good grooming habits can tell you when you need to start using hair cream and when you don’t need to give it. Hair cream means to take a knuckle of hair removal cream every day when hair loss is severe. If it is normal hair loss, it can be used once a week. If there is no hair loss, stop using it. If constipation has already occurred, just stop using it. The amount must be increased to two knuckles, and twice a day.


Most cats have a special addiction to the taste of plastic. Many owners will use plastic bags, bamboo chopstick bags, and plastic ropes to please cats. This is a very terrible behavior. Once cats fall in love with such plastic products, they will The appetite is getting bigger and bigger, maybe even the foam floors like Qiao Qiao will chew on it. It is not a distressed item, but the cat may cause terrible intestinal obstruction after swallowing. It is not only difficult to diagnose, but also the cost of surgery and hospitalization. It will cause you a great burden. After such tossing, the cat will not have enough nine lives. In addition, they will never learn a lesson. They will happen again and again. The highest record is four times in two years! It’s scary enough.

There are also a lot of cats who have a habit of fiber, most of which are caused by premature weaning. Therefore, fiber textiles such as sewing threads, woolen threads, and sweaters should be kept away from cats as far as possible. The consequences of thread-like foreign objects are more serious. Cut your stomach and intestines, don’t be careful!

Many pet lovers mostly regard pets as their family members. If their pets have any discomfort, we are the ones who are anxious to get angry at the first time. Therefore, normal maintenance is essential. Please take a little time every day to care for you. Love pets, so that these little cuties can accompany you healthily for a long time.

Feeding points

Because of the small size of Singaporean cats, many owners are afraid that feeding their cats too much at one time will make them eat up. Under normal circumstances, a healthy adult cat can control its food intake. If you feed too much, They will not eat all the food you give, but wait until they are hungry before continuing to eat. However, it is more difficult for kittens to control their food intake. Some cats eat as much as they want. For such foodies, the owner must do a good job of supplying food at fixed points and rations. In fact, compared to larger cats, small cats consume less, so you can give them a little less food. If the owner is worried that they will not have enough to eat, they can feed the cat more food once a day or give the cat appropriate snacks.

Like all cats, Singaporean cats are out-and-out carnivores, so some owners will feed their cats with fish, etc. However, it is best not to feed raw fish directly to cats for two reasons: 1. There may be parasites in raw fish, and cats are more likely to develop parasitic diseases after eating such fish; 2. Large fish bones in fish meat It will stab the cat’s throat, so the owner must remove the fishbone before giving it to the cat. If you want Singapore cats to eat fish, the best cooking method is steaming, which can not only meet the cat’s need for fish, but also ensure that the cat will not have any accidents due to eating fish.

In addition, you should also pay attention to adding food to your cat. Don’t just pick up the same food from the table and give it to the cat. You should know that the cat’s physical condition is completely different from that of humans. If the cat eats food that humans eat for a long time, it may appear. Various diseases-obesity, hyperglycemia, urinary system diseases, etc. In order to avoid this situation, the owner must figure out whether the food is edible by the cat before feeding it.

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