Ocicat was not recognized as a new breed when they first came into people’s sight. Although they have attracted the attention of many people once they appeared, many people also dismissed this cat. The English name of Ocicat, which is native to the United States. It was bred by American researchers using Abyssinian cats, Siamese cats, and American shorthair cats. Despite the twists and turns of being certified, after ten years of pedigree management, Ossi Cat is still recognized.

morphological characteristics

Many people mistake Ossi cats for ocelots. In fact, Ossi cats are somewhat similar to ocelots. Even cat owners may be confused by their appearance. However, Ossi cats are not only one coat color, brown, chocolate, lavender, blue, etc. may appear in variants. To understand the difference between Ossi cats and other cats, we might as well take a closer look at their morphological characteristics.

Head shape: The skull is like a modified wedge that merges into the wedge of the head along the tiny curve from the nose to the cheek, forming a clear but soft bulge from the bridge of the nose to the forehead. The beard bending is not serious. The bow-shaped neck should be graceful.

Ears: sensitive, of medium size, and outside the head to form a corner. Assuming that there is a horizontal line between the forehead, the ears should be at a 45-degree angle (that is, neither high nor short). In the above state, if the ear hair extends vertically from the tip of the ear, it will get extra points.

Eyes: large and apricot-shaped. The corners of the eyes are slightly tilted toward the ears, and the distance between the eyes should be more than one eye’s length. Except for blue, eyes of all colors are allowed. There is no correlation between eye color and coat color. The deeper the color, the better.

Mouth and nose: The mouth and nose should be wide, slightly square, and have a certain length when viewed from the side. The lower jaw needs to be strong, with a strong jaw and a good bite.

Body size: medium to large. According to its size, the Ossi cat should have an unexpected weight. According to records, female cats are generally smaller than male cats. The overall structure and characteristics of the cat should be included in the selection considerations, rather than just considering the size of the cat.

Torso: Strong, somewhat long, plump and deep but not bulky. Full of sporty appearance, strong bones and muscular. The ribs jump slightly to show a deep chest, the back is slightly higher than the back, and the flanks are flat. Sporty, strong and flexible Ossi cats will be favored. The bulky or coarse fur will be unpopular.

Legs/feet: The legs should be strong and muscular, medium-length and in proper proportion to their body shape. The feet are oval in shape, with five toes on the forefoot and four toes on the back, which should be in proper proportion to the legs.

Tail: fairly long, moderately thin and slightly tapered, with a dark tip.

Coat: short and smooth, with a satin-like luster, dense and smooth.

Spots: Except for the tail, all hairs are tapered. In these markings, the tips of the hairs are dark, while the bottom ends of the hairs are lighter.

Color: All colors should be clear and pleasing to the eyes. It is often the lightest coat around the eyes and under the chin. The darkest color is on the tip of the cat’s tail.

After understanding the morphological characteristics of Ossi cats, we can easily distinguish them from other cats. It should be noted that few people keep Ossi cats as pets in China. If you are interested in this kind of cats, you may have to do a lot of homework to avoid being deceived.

Personality traits

Maybe you think Ossi cats are cats with a “lone ranger” temperament, but they are not. Although they look like wild cats, they are afraid of loneliness. They like to be with their owners and families with children. , Their emotions are so rich that you feel that their appearance and heart are extremely unmatched.

Océ cats are a kind of friendly cats. Their friendliness is not only reflected in the relationship with the owner, but for friends who come home as guests, they will not make unfriendly sounds at you. In addition, Ossi cat likes children very much, so the owner does not have to worry about children and cats being unable to get along with each other, maybe the relationship between them is much deeper than the relationship between you and the cat. It should be noted that Ossi cats are not friendly to other cats, so when two cats meet, there must be a fight.

Ossi cats are also lively cats, they seem to be very interested in everything. As long as you observe carefully, you can find that they will play with this one for a while, and touch that one for a while. They hope their owners can interact with them more. If you don’t have enough time, you might as well prepare more toys for the cat to avoid depression because of loneliness and boredom. Because Ossi cats are very active, it is best for the owner to prepare a cat climbing frame for them, so that they will not occupy your bookcases and other furniture because they want to climb high. The owner should also place the fragile objects in the home to prevent cats from touching them when they are moving.

Océ cats are very loyal to their owners. They will not leave their owners just because others are good to them. On the contrary, they will keep a certain distance from other people. Even if they are friendly to you, it does not mean that they have your place in their hearts.

care knowledge

Ossi cats are new breeds bred artificially. How to raise them seems to depend on people’s groping step by step. In fact, the care of Ossi cats is the same as that of most cats. They cannot be fed salty foods, bathed frequently, and so on. In order to help novice owners to better raise Ossi cats, we have summarized the following seven points for attention. Hosts can refer to these seven points to let Ossi cats enjoy life better.

1. Brush your teeth

If possible, brush your Océ cat’s teeth to reduce bacterial invasion caused by gum inflammation.

Second, eye care

Use wet cotton to remove excess mucus and clean the skin around the eyes.

Three, ear care

Check the inner ear canal regularly.

Fourth, joint care

Arthralgia is a common problem of elderly pets. If it cannot move regularly, you can gently massage the muscles or move the limbs and joints for it when it is resting.

Five, paw care

Cat’s claw is a tool for cats to catch mice, climb and defend themselves. If the owner keeps a cat for the purpose of catching mice, of course he cannot trim his feet. If the owner keeps a cat as a companion animal, he should often trim the cat’s feet to avoid scratching people, scratching clothes, furniture, floors, etc. Trimming the claws should start from a young age, once a month or so. The specific method is as follows: Hold the Ossi cat in your arms, grab one foot of the cat with your left hand, and slightly squeeze it with your thumb, index finger, and middle finger to extend the paw. Then hold the nail clipper in your right hand, carefully cut off the transparent part of the front of the claw, and then use the small file on the nail clipper to polish the claw. When trimming, don’t cut too much, so as not to hurt the feet of ordinary Ossi cats. Then cut off and polish the other paws in turn. Bathing ordinary Ossi cats not only keeps the cat clean and beautiful, but also removes some parasites on the body, promotes blood circulation and metabolism, and plays a role in disease prevention and fitness. The habit of bathing is best to be cultivated from a young age, and the cat will be very reluctant to bathe the cat until it is an adult.

Six, take a bath

Before taking a bath, prepare bathing utensils, such as bathtub, bath towel, detergent, comb (preferably sparse and dense), brushes, etc. When bathing, the water temperature should not be too low or too high. It is advisable not to burn your hands; the detergent used should not be too irritating to avoid irritating the skin; ordinary Océ cats should comb their coat before bathing to prevent tangles; bathing action You should wash it quickly and as soon as possible; after washing, you should dry the hair with a bath towel immediately. When the temperature is low, it is best to cover a special towel or other warm products to prevent colds.

Seven, combing

Océ cats have a rough tongue surface, with special barbed tongue nipples, like a comb, and ordinary Océ cats often use the method of tongue licking to comb their coat. Use paws to comb the parts that cannot be licked, such as the head, shoulders, back, and neck. Even so, it is best to groom the cat once a day. Because cats shed their hair all year round, especially during the moulting seasons of spring and autumn, the cat will swallow the hair into the stomach when grooming by itself, and form hair balls in the stomach over time. If it cannot be vomited out, it cannot pass the intestine in time. If it is discharged from the tract and stays in the stomach, it will form a blockage of hair bulbs, affect appetite, and even endanger life.

When combing, it is necessary not only to smooth the hair, but also to reverse the hair. When grooming an ordinary Océ cat, you can first wet the hair with water, and then rub it to make the coat tree up for easy grooming. If the coat of the ordinary Ossi cat is tangled or stuck together, you can use your fingertips to open it, or use a thin-toothed comb to gently and carefully comb. If you have already rolled the felt, you can use scissors to cut the felt into thin strips along the direction of hair growth, and then comb it with a comb. If the felting is serious, you can cut off the coat and make it grow again.

Of course, the maintenance of Océ cats is definitely not limited to these aspects. Some maintenance methods also require the breeder to continue to summarize in the long-term maintenance process. If you encounter some problems during the maintenance process, the owner can consult the veterinarian or communicate with the owner who has maintenance experience, so that you can find the solution to the problem the fastest and achieve a multiplier effect!

feeding points

As the saying goes: “Good teeth, good appetite, good health, good taste.” The primary factor for Ossi cats to have a good body is to ensure that they have good teeth. When it comes to how to make cats have a good bite Tooth, the first reaction of the host is to brush their teeth. In fact, the quality of the cat’s teeth can also be changed by feeding. When the cat is in its infancy, the owner can give them soft food, but as long as the cat is three months old, you should gradually feed them dry food, so as to ensure that the cat’s teeth are fully rubbed and prevent the appearance of dental calculus and other diseases.

In addition, because the Ossi cat is a lively cat, the owner can provide them with snacks in addition to meals. The taste of snacks can be selected according to the cat’s preferences, but there should not be too many snacks, otherwise it may cause the cat to become obese. If the cat is more hungry due to heavy exercise, the owner can appropriately increase the supply of meals.

We all know that cats do not like to drink water, but if the cat’s body lacks water, it may cause the cat’s normal balance to be disrupted. Some smart owners will feed the cats canned food to help them replenish water. This is indeed a good way. It should be noted that although the water content of the can is high, the cat will be hungry in a short time, so the owner should prepare some other food for the cat!

Of course, Océ cats also need to supplement their food intake of calcium, iron, vitamins and other trace elements. Therefore, the owner must ensure that the Océ cat’s food is nutritionally balanced to avoid cat malnutrition or trace element deficiency. Once the cat shows any symptoms of malnutrition or trace element deficiency, the owner should cooperate with the veterinarian to treat the cat in time.

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