Ragdoll cats are also called Bradall cats and their Latin scientific name is Ragdoll. Although the size and weight of puppet cats are the largest in the entire cat category, they are really gentle and big. They are very friendly to humans and can tolerate children’s slaps. Therefore, puppet cats are favored by many families.

The puppet cat’s origin is the United States. It was bred in the 1960s by a woman named Ann Baker who lives in California. It was recognized in the United States in 1965 and then gradually entered other countries. Ragdoll cats entered China relatively late, only 10 years ago, but Ragdoll cats have become popular in China in a very short time, which is inseparable from their outstanding appearance and excellent personality.

If you like clingy cats, then the puppet cat is definitely a good choice. They like to stay with their owner. If you are busy, they won’t bother you, because the puppet cat’s voice is very soft, and in most cases, they will remain quiet. At the same time, in addition to being friendly to the owner, the puppet cats are very friendly to strangers, children and other animals. Therefore, the owner does not have to worry about whether the puppet cat will harm the guests or other animals at home.

In addition, puppet cats are extremely adaptable to cities. They can endure the scorching summer and survive the cold winter. Because the puppet cats have no body odor or drooling, they will not cause much trouble to the owner’s daily life. And puppet cats are also highly trainable. As long as the owner can properly guide them, they will respond accordingly in accordance with the instructions.

However, the puppet cat has longer hair, so the owner needs to comb the cat’s hair frequently. This can not only alleviate the cat’s hair flying in the house, but also make the cat’s hair healthier!

Morphological characteristics of puppet cat

When the puppet cat was not widely respected, everyone used the big head and round face as the criterion for judging whether the cat is cute, but with the birth of the puppet cat, this standard was immediately broken. The puppet cat’s head is large but not round, but wedge-shaped, with a flat top between the ears. Some people will say that the puppet cats don’t feel that their faces are wedge-shaped when viewed in the photos. This may be due to the longer hair of the puppet cats, coupled with the problem of the shooting angle, which leads to a visual illusion.

Ragdoll cats are large-sized long-haired cats. Their hair is soft and smooth and not easy to knot. Their body hair growth has the following characteristics: facial hair is shorter, neck hair is longer, and hind limbs are longer than forelegs. Hair colors include seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, red, and cream.

The puppet cat’s ears are medium in size, with rounded ear tips and leaning forward; the bright blue eyes seem to reach your mind. If you look closely, you will find that the puppet cat’s eyes are slightly raised, which are in the cat’s eyes. Danfeng eyes”; some puppet cats have a slight depression on their noses; their chins are aligned with their upper lip and nose. Ragdolls are long and muscular, with their front legs shorter than their hind legs; their feet are larger in proportion to their body and round; their tails are fluffy.

Character characteristics of puppet cat

Ragdoll cats are widely loved for their quiet and gentle character. They are very friendly to the owner or to strangers. They are not wary. As long as you call them gently, they will run to you to act like a coquettish. . If you are busy and do not have time to play with them, they will stay quietly waiting for you to finish. Of course, if your work will make you too busy to take care of the puppet cat, then you’d better not choose to keep the puppet cat. Although they can understand the owner’s hard work, they are also eager to have the owner’s company in their hearts. Cats have been neglected for a long time, which is not conducive to their physical and mental health. In addition to being close to humans, the puppet cats and dogs and other household pets can also maintain a good relationship, so the owner can rest assured that the puppet cats can get along with the dogs and other animals in the house.

In most people’s minds, cats take the cold route. They always keep a certain distance from humans and do what they want. But puppet cats are not like that. They are very clingy, as long as the owner is at home. , They will all walk around with their masters. And puppet cats are very smart cats. In the process of getting along with their owners, they will understand what their owners like them and what they do not like them, and they will show their love to their owners according to their owner’s will.

Because puppet cats like to be quiet, they will not jump up and down at home like many cats. However, puppet cats like to be quiet does not mean that they can really endure not doing anything for a day and just lying there. Therefore, the owner must prepare some toys for them, so that even if you don’t have time to play with them, they also have toys to take. Come for fun. As long as you have time, you can hug them more, because the puppet cat is totally unresisting to being hugged. Another difference between puppet cats and most cats is that they are very tolerant. We often hear that cats are vengeful animals. Punish them once and they will never forget them in their entire lives. Ragdolls seem to be much more magnanimous, even if there are some things they don’t want to do from the heart, they will still obey the command of their masters.

It should be noted that because puppet cats have no guard, they are only suitable for living indoors and avoid any form of free-range breeding.

Ragdoll cat maintenance knowledge

Generally speaking, raising puppet cats does not consume too much time and energy. The main reasons are as follows: 1. Like all cats, puppet cats will do their own hygiene work very well, so the owner There is no need to worry about their personal hygiene; 2. Ragdoll cats are very caring and smart. They will not pester their owners because they want to be with their owners. With a little training, they can master a lot of life. The necessary skills; 3. The puppet meows are extremely gentle, and in most cases, they will remain quiet, with zero noise pollution.

1. Daily combing is essential

Although you need to take care of the puppet cat too much, it doesn’t mean you can just let the cat go. Ragdoll cats are long-haired cats, so daily grooming is essential. During the process of grooming, the owner can not only check whether the cat has ectoparasites, wounds, etc., but also stimulate the cat’s blood circulation, which helps the cat maintain hair, Even the health of the body, in addition, grooming the puppet cat’s hair can effectively reduce the situation of cat hair flying in the house.

2. Clean the litter box daily

In fact, no matter what kind of cat they are, they are very afraid that the litter box will not be cleaned in time. If the owner cannot clean the litter box in time, then the cat may protest to you by not pooping in the litter box.

3. Prepare a scratching board for the cat

The good temper of puppet cats will not prevent them from grinding their claws. If you believe too much in the gentleness of puppet cats, then one day when you get home, you will find that the sofa or furniture in your home has been scratched and scarred. . As long as cats have to sharpen their claws, the owner must buy a scratching board before bringing the cat home. With such a sharpening tool, the cat will not turn his attention to the furniture.

Fourth, avoid free range breeding

Ragdoll cats are only suitable for living indoors. If you put them outdoors, they are easily harmed by other animals. Although the outside world is wonderful, it is also full of dangers. Parasites, etc. will endanger the health of puppet cats.

Five, interact with cats more

Ragdoll cats are more clingy cats, they like their owners to interact with them, as long as you have time, then accompany them as much as possible, otherwise they may become depressed because they do not get the attention of their owners for a long time.

Feeding points for puppet cats

For puppets and kittens, breast milk is of course the best source of food, but if for some reasons (such as the mother cat’s inability to breastfeed, insufficient milk, etc.), the owner must find a way to find an alternative Product. There are milk powder produced specifically for cats on the market, and owners can buy this milk powder to feed the kittens. Gradually give cat food when the cat is old enough to be weaned.

Cat food is divided into adult cat food and kitten food, and the owner can purchase corresponding products for the cat according to the age of the puppet cat. Many owners worry that just letting cats eat cat food will not get them enough nutrition. This idea is wrong. In fact, if only cat food is fed to cats, they will not suffer from malnutrition, because the nutrition of cat food can fully meet the needs of cats, and the owner can rest assured to feed the cat. If you think it’s too unpleasant for cats to eat cat food, then you can also prepare some snacks for cats, but the supply of snacks must be controlled well, otherwise cats will become picky eaters. And if the cat eats too many snacks, it will easily become a “fat cat”, which will lead to urinary system diseases and hyperglycemia.

For owners who make self-made food for cats, you must understand what nutrients the cat needs, and supplements of these nutrients must be in place, and none of them are indispensable. In particular, the lack of certain trace elements makes it impossible to see what is abnormal in the cat in the short term. However, when the cat has obvious symptoms, some of the physical damage cannot be recovered, which is extremely harmful to the cat. In addition, how to add seasonings has always been a problem for many cat lovers. If you are not sure how to add seasonings, you may wish to consult a veterinarian or related experts. Do not use your own feelings to season your homemade cat food.

The owner should also pay attention to the choice of ingredients. For example, animal liver has always been the focus of debate between cat friends and experts. Some people do not recommend feeding cats, while some people say that the liver is high in nutrients. As long as it is fed in moderation, it will not bring any danger to cats. For such controversial ingredients, the owner must be careful when choosing them.

Food taboos for puppet cats

Onions, milk, chocolate, certain fruits (such as grapes and raisins, cherries, persimmons, etc.), irritating foods (such as peppers, etc.), foods with high salt content (such as salted fish, etc.) must not be eaten by puppet cats Yes, once the cat is fed these foods, any situation may happen. The owner must first confirm whether this food will have an adverse effect on the cat before feeding any kind of food to the cat.

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